How many books could you read instead of wasting time on social media? #socialmediadetox

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So after my long-term relationship ended I discovered a free tool that shows you how much time you waste on social media and how many books you could read instead. As I was taking a #socialmediadetox and I was wondering what to do during the detox, this online calculator showed me that I could read such a large number of books in just one year that exceeded the number of books I’ve read in my entire life! Take the social media detox challenge and find out how many books you could read here: (This is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated with #OMNIcalculator)

The benefits of staying off social media are numerous (I discuss them in the video), but even if you don’t want to do a social media detox, just learning how to reduce social media use and then applying it may change your life already. I realize the irony of this video and blog-post being on social media, but the things I learned quitting social media are just too important to me not to share online.

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