Top 50 DTubers March 2020!

3개월 전

It's time to look at the top ten DTubers for March 2020! Here's a list of everyone who made it into the top ten (actually top 50 now thanks to a little trick I discovered), congratulations to everyone who made it! Make sure to check these amazing creators out and follow them if you enjoy their content!

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Dtubs sucks now. Cant upload anything anymore it logs me out as it uploading everytime. Also videos are black screened now wont play. They blamed it on the fork. This was marketed as something that could never be taken down. If you know how to retrieve the 50 plus videos that are now gone, please help. But imo they had gov pressure because sensitive material was all over steemit and dtube and by forking it a lot of video would gone because of it. Jmo though. Im just looking to retrieve my stuff.


DTube now sucks so much less than it used to, if you have no backups of your content then the content is gone. DTube and blockchain technology is still being marketed as something that can host content that you are in control of if you know how to use IPFS and take control of your content. But at the end of the day I would never trust any external source to store my content, I don't trust YouTube either, so I always back everything up on external hard-drives.


Ty for the info