LETTER TO THE FUTURE- Project part 2

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Here is the second part of our building project Idas Bod
You can find part one here:

Letter translation to english:

Greetings from 5.5.2020. We have built a new floor to the old woodshed, to give it a new life. The planks has been sawn from trees from the island. Three trees, the first one is cut down from behind our home. We live here the whole year around, Simon and me. We also have neighbours. Julia and Lennart and their children Axel and Theo.
The second tree was cut down behind the potato field. Yes we try to grow some potatoes but it's not always easy because our sheep eat them. So now we havepotatoes every second year and sheep every second year. This year we will have sheep on the island, so we'll see how it goes with the potatoes.
I'm going to sell some potatoes in Idas Bod, the old woodshed… I mean the house that you are probably standing in now. It is going to be a little shop.
In summertime there is a lot of people spending their summer holidays on Brännskär. At least there used to be. This summer is a bit different. You have probably heard of corona. It is happening now for us.

The third tree is cut down from the climbing rock on the northside. Close to where the new cottage is being built.
A lot has been built and changed since we moved to the island. We have probably changed too. That's what these kind of places do to people. They change us.
Because you are reading this letter, you are probably building to. Making some changes and maybe also you change a bit. Now would probably be a good time to say something wise. A person who lived almost all her life on this island once told me - you gotta learn to love problem solving to live in a place like this.
I dont have similar advice. But i will say this...LIVE...

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