Your Stage: ask some HIVERS #1

2개월 전

Since a few years I am connected with people from all around the world obver a blockchain called HIVE. I felt that it's time to collaborate with a bunch of them and share those creative, exciting and encouraging connections with YOU! In this series of 7 videos I will ask a simple question and those cool people will answer with their unique background from around the globe. I am really happy that we all got so far and I see a bright future for our chain.

This time they answer a pretty simple but foundational question: Where are you from and what do you like the most about this place?

Next time we will find out what they had for dinner! So stay tuned for the upcoming other videos. If you want to connect with those amazing people just follow those links (not in the correct order):

cryptospa: | |
freedompoint: |

lorenzo.pistolesi: | |
nonsowrites: |
ph1102: |!/c/zforgacs78
Priyanarc: | |
rehan12: |
Snook: |
Solominer: |

Thank you also to lorenzo pistolesi for the intro and background music with the help of the regata collective:

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