I test the skynet upload with this "tibfox is a skaterboy" clip

2개월 전

Hey I used skynet to upload this file and I have linked it on my dtube account just to test how and if it works. After I reduced the size (and quality) of the video, the upload and processing has been quiet quick. I will research & test more about this and all the other methods to "upload" files onto dtube. We'll see :)

But for now I can say: DTube and the multiple ways to upload/link your videos is outstanding! I dont know any other platform granting this kind of diversity!


▶️ DTube
▶️ Skynet
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upload worked! You have skater skills...:) when halfpipe?


Haha thx :D halfpipe never ^^ i will just add rly soft wheels and cruise around :)

Is it pinned your own Sia node, or just through a public webportal?


only testing via public webportal