Im upvoting ALL comments on DTube with 5k VP (for the next couple of days)


let's check if that has an impact on the engagement in our comment sections! I spend my VP in a bot upvoting all of your comments for the next couple of days. Not only ony content - on every video!

Perhaps I will make a blacklist for abusers or cancel this bot action in a few days but I think that could encourage you and other people on DTube to comment more. we'll see :D

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Sounds like a good idea.
Anything to encourage engagement with others content is welcome. I get the impression around here no one even watches the videos any more:)


That's not rly true obviously :D There a re many comments already but not enough for my perspective :) Hopefully it will turn and we will have a good commenting culture

No way! This is sick. This is an amazing way to spend your VP supporting users and earning dome DTC you. as well. Win Win.

My first video since the Mainnet was hyping comments because I think theres a lot of value, not only in DTC but also in exposure, engagement, growth and more so this makes me really happy. More people will be commenting and then they will realize how important it is in a social media platform.

Cool initiative bro, Huge respect!


Thank you for your activity and great video - I have seen it and had to agree 100%. Commenting is a great way to bring life to the community and earning dtc. Now people can earn more with my bot :D let's see how it goes. I will make a recab with some statistics in near future :)

Da beteilige ich mich doch gern - auch wenn ich der Meinung bin, dass DTube mit diesem neuen System sowohl sich selbst als auch Steemit bzw. Hive keinen großen Gefallen tut.

Taking time to see the content and understand it is essential to be able to comment, some give generic comments and others may not do so because they are very busy and they arrive home tired.


Yes you're absolutely right! I hope this will encourage more people to write thoughtful comments of course. But to have generic comments is sometimes better than to have none :D at least for new users it is good to see that a network is active and not just post and run :)


So is my dear @tibfox thanks to you I have learned many things about Dtube. I will be making some videos soon speaking in Spanish so that the Hispanic community better understand about the Dtube update and see things in a POSITIVE way.

Wao!, this is something very amazing. I do not have any idea how you can create that bot. But it is a great way to promote commenting on Dtube. I want to see more new faces on Dtube next month and next year :)


Yessss it's quiet easy if you can code a little bit of javascript / python or something like that. I am looking forward to welcome many many new users in near future for sure! We just need to make some waves and ivite friends :)

Thats awesome, thanks!

Hello my friend! Hallo hallo! I don't understand something here but I hope you enlighten me and others.
Only curators who hand out the vote earn, yes?
The second formula is? earn commenters or you as a curator?


Every curator (also the creators) earn. It all depends on how you use the VP to vote. Set the slider to the max when you upload and you will earn the most you can from your content.

I'm new on Dtube...still learning how to use it but looks great so far. This is my very first comment on this platform :)


Amazing! Welcome nuker :) Hope to see some stuff from you and/or meetng you again in the comment sections :)


Thank you!

Ofcourse I have been commenting. At the same time, I haven't been really go browse around except to those whom I've subscribed.

I don't remember to check in. I would enjoy some 'bell icon' functionality in here so that I get an email notification when one of my subbed channels posts something. I suppose I could sub to your YouTube and hope that you have included a link to the video on D.Tube in your description? Hmmm.