Watch this before you buy a honeycomb grid! DIY grid made with GAFFER! (+ before and after examples)

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Yes I am too frugal to buy a grid for my softbox but I really wanted to upgrade my light. So I searched the internet for alternatives and found an easy and supposingly cheap way to build my own honey comb grid for my no-name (ESDDI) softbox. In this video I show you how I extremely underestimated a few things and of course the result!

By the way - whats the difference between gaffer and duct tape? I need to research that later..

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Interessantes Video.
Der Unterschied zwischen Duck Tape (oder Duct Tape) und Gaffer Tape ist übrigens, dass Duck Tape (die zivile Version des Panzerbandes) wasserdicht ist und klebt wie die Pest, während Gaffer Tape (wenn es nicht allzu lange an einer Stelle klebt) ohne Rückstände wieder entfernt werden kann.

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Great work man, love the results. I might do the same thing with my light when I’ll get a new camera :)


Thank :) I did two other lights and yeah I like it too! But I would recommend to not make it too thick (take the half depth) and to make wider loops to save some time :)