And finally the enemy was killed by a brave player of our team, so that we won this match.


We have found both the m762 and kar98k closing well and I was about to leave from there when only one of my enemies appears to me, without giving me a chance to handle it, I indiscriminately fire at him so that he is killed on the spot. After killing, we will reach the next stage, which is the final stage, where our number two player who has been knocked out and has fallen short of his plow, would have reached the verge of death. Hai then comes to Talak inside a small hut where me and another friend are present outside which is our friend outside. He had M24 in his hand and was targeting the same enemy who had our two numbers. The player was injured at the moment, he comes inside the house player Gopi and I give him medicine after that whoever comes out of us has an air drop but we did not have a chance to rob him in the last round of the match. Were and go inside a house, there is an enemy who sees together and fires at him, but I was constantly in my location. Sali survived and lay down on the same. After this I guessed that he was absolutely right of the enemy wall that he was loading his gun. His voice was heard. I jumped from the window and started firing and till he came After this, we go to a loft where we have another partner and we see the enemies and throw grenades on him, although he was guessing that the enemy was constantly changing his location, yet he was injured. Go and finally the enemy was killed by a brave player of our team, so we won this match.

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