Two of our companions have been injured, in which we also visit us in the process of saving.


This time I was very happy that I had got both the car 98 and M4 but unfortunately we did not find any scope. I was present inside a building, there is a call to the steps outside the building, I see an enemy in front of me, I target it and fire it, then it goes from there to another place, which leads me to another window of the same house. Have to come and see and before the enemy is going to go behind the wall, I kill him. After that I go to rob him on top of that before our friends have robbed him. I am inside a big hall only when some other enemy steps on the ground as I see him firing. He starts firing on me too and I kill him. With this, all the bullets of our M4 are finished, I pick up the m762, we already have AKM. Like I replaced kar98k because we didn't have scope. After our team sits in the auto and reaches another location where there is an enemy outside the house, his footsteps are heard, but he does not see that he is confronted and I kill him. After that I get the car 98k again on the way and I pick it up. Until now we had 4X scope and our friends are firing at the enemy place, then I would be firing from the other side because of the target. I am killed by that. After that our friends are present near a stone. We see an enemy, our m762 would have had 3x scope, which we have to eliminate our enemy, we and our friends kill people, along with that another enemy appears near whom I kill him even after reaching By the time two of our companions are injured, we go to save ours.

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