In the room above where the enemy is, I throw the grenade(gameplay)


In this part of the mobile gameplay, I go off alone to a location different from my friends, this time there were only three people in our team, one of whom was also me and I had landed in a different place where I would do two-three. But I was robbing and was robbed a lot, but then I hear the sound of the enemy's footsteps, the house he had just robbed on my left side, his footsteps were coming around me in the window. I was looking out from where he is, when that enemy comes out of the house a little and he also realizes that before I see him who starts looking at me, he runs away and wants to bow to the garden house. Was but before that he got knocked out and then I killed him easily. By now our number two player had been killed. Only number three was alive. The same number number reaches the player. He was trying an enemy from the balcony of the house. That enemy is also visible to me. My number three fellow player is there. It was quite late, he had a good idea about the situation there. I had just arrived there. I had no idea how many enemies there are and where I am, I am currently following my steps and want to go to the house but Then comes the sound of our friend's gun firing. I understand that my friend was an enemy. I reach my friend and run away. My friend jumps down from the balcony and I jump down with him. I run back We stand in the guise of a small house, there was an enemy in the two-storey building in front of us. Our number three fellow player dragged his steps back and left from the left side. I enter the room below and in the room above, where the enemy is there, I throw the grenade but the enemy narrowly escapes, then run into the floor and enter the same house. But I go straight up and the enemy is lying there, he is waiting for me to come but I kill him and he gets robbed.
PubG mobile gameplay

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