The friend said that the enemy is sitting on the top,


This time our team had landed in the military base, an enemy in front of the wall just in front of us comes to the wall to target one of our friends who was our fellow player, but I am on his field on the right and I see him Immediately I injured him with dp-28 and dropped by then our friend is taken and we are also the same, then both of them together kill him. After this, a number player has some enemies, he sends us a signal, come here and I go there and then the enemies present there on the floor also call any of their companions and that enemy will go to my friend in front of me. I had fired a lot from him with dp-28, entered through the window and ran away, but I knew that he was so injured that if even a bullet accidentally hit him, he was immediately injured. Then I fall inside, but by then one of our number fellow players starts firing. I also reach Bhakti and on reaching it, I first injure the enemy who went inside the room so that I could target him. I was firing indiscriminately, I was also caught in the grip of that and again he fell from the bullet and the enemy I was firing at the same time both of those enemies died at the same time. One of our friends was injured. It was done by our other friend that he revived me. After that we reach inside the play zone by sitting in a jeep and a car is already parked at the house where we fill our pockets, so we got an idea that the enemy is inside it as soon as we win Let's get down from the steps, we also get the call of the steps, so it is confirmed that there are enemies here. I was at the forefront, but I was thinking that if both the rest of my team friends also come, then we go slowly. But we do not find any enemies on the second floor. When the three are gathered, they go together on the roof and they are present there and we kill them, but an enemy was sitting on the mound above. He did not show us. And he injured our friend from above and our friend told that the enemy is sitting on the top, I started looking up. I saw that the enemy was going to kill our other friend again before he kills our friend. I injured him upstairs. During this time another enemy devotee came on the roof above the devotee. I was lying on the roof and gave him a chance to understand the bug. Not only killed him, his injured friend also died on the Mundar as soon as he died, then I come down and at the same time the enemy does not injure me. Our friend revives us and we get out of that house and the last The enemy also won this match by killing our team.
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