Meanwhile, one of our fellow players is going to reach us by motorcycle.(gaming)


Why were we moving the QBZ machine gun from shoulder to shoulder. We had AKM in our hands with a 3X scope on it. We were exactly on the side of the road when an enemy on a motorcycle runs away, but before that another enemy appears near the trees on the roadside. I am firing at that enemy but when I think that the motorcycle enemy will run away from here soon, so I shoot at him and knock him out who was a knocked out enemy. He goes to the tree enemy but the tree enemy was probably bot and both of them I did not like friends because that enemy did not revive the injured enemy and he was moving towards me crossing the road, we injured him with qbz and then killed him. And after this, the enemy who was injured earlier also died. I have a call in the meantime, one of our fellow players is going to reach us by motorcycle but before that the enemy appears in front of me. I am lying in the grass and I killed the enemy with my gun. After this the game moves forward, one player of our team was killed, he was killed by enemies, we were three people alive, we were lying in the village, when an enemy was moving forward lying in the village. Was near I had two number players with me, but the enemy was visible to me. I killed him right there. After this, another enemy was firing towards me from the tree, I injured him while lying in the grass, after that the grenade was thrown over the enemy but the enemy survived, so I decided to go to him and kill him. When I reach him, he hides in the grass and then I kill him.
PubG mobile gameplay

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