After going a little distance, I see a car stop by a tree


A friend of our team went offline and the other two friends who were alive were very far away from us and we were near a house and the rest of the airdrop had dropped and I did not want to go near the airdrop. It was said that if I went there, there would be more people and there I would die, so I was going back away from the airdrop, but as soon as I move a little, a car of enemies passes by me, I see them, then I would hide in the grass. I am and when we have it, it goes away, so I can also get on the path of victory. I was thinking if there was an enemy, I will not compete or I will come back, after going a little away, I see a car near a tree. Stopped and had all four enemies in it. I did not guess that they had not got out of the card. Before that I put a 6x scope in dp28 and started firing. I injured two of them. One of the enemy dies and he hides on the side of a tree, if he gets two shots, he also runs away and hides from here, we also have an enemy near the stone mound, I could not see him. He suddenly starts firing from us, I am very close to him, I do not understand where he is from, then he appears to me and I spent all the dp28 bullets on him but he survived and again I started firing on me during this time, I injured him by firing him again. Our help was greatly reduced. I used health kit to improve my health. During this time, the enemies who were injured near the car were removed and all three of them kill me with a Mini 14 from far away.

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