At first I thought I would not go there because I was the only one left of my team(gameplay)


I had heard the sound of an enemy's feet around the investigation in this field, I was searching for him. Never let enmity fire on me so that I know where he is, he was near a tree, a little away from us and after that I knocked him out with a small machine gun and then put it in now I While plundering that another enemy had finished around the trees, he fired on me and then I killed him too. From the style of firing them, it seemed that both of them were bot then after killing both of them I go to the rest of my three friends, but before reaching my people, the enemies only gave them three Was killed. At first I thought I would not go there because I was the only one left of my team and all the three friends of my Fufa ji were killed from the same location, yet I come I had a 6x scope which I can put away from the enemies Probably three enemies he was trying to see. And the first of them gave me the enemy. He was looking around on the roof. I shot at him from a distance and targeted him with SCaR-L and it was his misfortune that he got knocked out in one bullet and then the rest. I spent all the bullets of the gun on him and then I was able to kill him. Now my confidence was slightly increased, I did not think it necessary to loot it because I had enough already, I slowly reach into the houses around it and move from where the enemy is, one building to another building. The second house I know like this, then suddenly I see an enemy and I throw a grenade on him first but he survives, then he comes to see where the hands are being thrown at him and I He was sitting with the wall, he could not see me but I had seen him and I knocked him out and after that he went to that house and killed him, only then his friend is over the part to help him. I lie down and as soon as I look at his head he starts firing. He settles down then he can not speak up before the hand grenade explodes. I reach right in front of him and finish it. .

PUBG mobile gameplay

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