This match is won by killing the enemy.(gameplay)


In this video and in this game play we had four number players who had landed with us, we landed on the roof top and there were three numbers and one number players a little away from us, as soon as we get down, we start searching for weapons. We get ump9 and our friend also gets a gun. At the same time, an unarmed enemy arrives right in front of me, searching for a weapon and I go a little ahead of him by injuring him, then an enemy kills our number four player. It happens and injures our number four player but I injure him and revive my friend and after that he is killed. Then another enemy comes to us. We had finished shooting 45. We had seen the enemy, but as soon as we shot four-five, our gun was empty but in our friend, we killed that enemy and look for gunfire. I think and I also get and in the meantime our number four player had killed another enemy from whom a lot is looted, then 4 is got and quite some time is achieved but we have one on our left side And the enemy calls, I lie down on the ground and as soon as the enemy comes, I am firing at him but all my bullets hit his leg and he injures me but our number four player has reached near him. Happens and he killed him and then saved me by revising. After a while, another enemy starts firing at us from outside the house. He was a bot, I killed him with machine gun. The enemy was lying on the ground while firing but was killed. And after this, we reach the last round of the match where three people of our team are alive and there is only one enemy left and in the house where we are after that he was standing somewhere with the same wall. From then on we kept thinking that if we come in then we will kill him but that player was also good, he was not coming in and he was waiting for us to get out because the field of play was very small so we He had to go out of the house and before that the enemy started running from there when he thought that we are many and would get together, he ran from there and wanted to go under the cover of a small house in front but I saw him Fired him on him but he escaped, only then our fellow player is chased by him and reaches near the small house of that house and fires at him but gets injured only when I reach from the right side and the enemy This match is won by beating.
PubG mobile gameplay

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