Netzels Big Day

6개월 전

hey guys.
ive been making movies now.
i got a trv900.
im making a skate video too.

but in between sessions, im making movies.
i make them up as i go.
its fun.
its funny to watch them on the big trv screen right after we film them.
i try to keep the cuts raw because, well, that adds a hand made element i kind of like.
cheers guys.
happy covid.

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good to see you share this man


thank you boss

So sick man. These old cameras are the best.
One of my favorite skate videos is "Toxic Planet" and the reason behind it is this f*cking awesome concept with the low quality footage in between clips. Skating is dope too. Gotta love the Mulls.

I also got my hands on a PD-170 and I am now filming a street part!