Weekly Dev Update #10

2년 전

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well! This week’s dev update is a little on the shorter side, as many of the things we’re working on leading up to the launch of Season One need to stay under wraps (for now). We can’t wait to share more with you in the coming weeks, but as for the last seven days, here’s just some of the things we’ve been looking at:

We’re continuing the process of rolling out Genesis Raffle prizes. So far, Hyperion’s White and Black Stars have been distributed, as well as Tethys’ Crowns. Next up on the list is Atlas’ Belts so keep an eye on your wallets if you’re expecting to receive one!

We’re working on enabling CryptoKitty trinkets in-game.

On the design side of things, we have some more boards in the pipeline!

We’ve added further debugging capability to our game state machine so we can more accurately diagnose issues players are having with soft-lock and reconnect issues.

We’re taking a look into the Solo game mode and exploring ways to improve it.

We are doing a massive redesign on the home page, and we’re excited to share this with you in the lead up to Trial of the Gods.

We’ve taken a deep dive into the first month of Core marketplace activity after the launch of Flux, with some noteworthy trends taking shape.

We’re making good ground on the hiring front, with a new QA Manager to be added to the team soon. If you’re interested in joining us, please take a look at our careers page for current opportunities!

Here’s some rough timelines (in ‘Hot Minutes’) around when you can expect for certain key features to reach the hands of players.

1 Hot Minute Away

Lore and card reveals for Season One - There’s only one more Champion left to reveal, who’s been chosen by Auros, God of War. We’re looking forward to revealing more soon.

Genesis Raffle prize trinkets - As mentioned above, Genesis Raffle trinkets have started rolling out into users’ wallets. The ones listed above have been completed, but there’s still some more to go. They’ll be arriving into your wallets soon!

Genesis Boards - Getting the tradable Genesis Boards out to you all is a big priority for us! If you’ve earned one, you can expect to see them in your wallets soon once the Genesis Raffle trinket distribution has all wrapped up.

Balance patches, stability bundles & hotfixes as needed.

2 Hot Minutes Away

In-Game CryptoKitties - There’s still some more work to go in this area, but we’re looking forward to seeing those Kitties in-game!

Website Upgrades.

The launch of Season One: Trial of the Gods!

3 Hot Minutes Away

1v1 - Having the ability to host intentional 1v1 matches is something that we’re really looking forward to for the future of Gods Unchained. While there’s still some areas that need to be developed first before it can be implemented, we’re excited about the opportunities that this will unlock for our community.

Evolution - Evolution remains as something that we view as a key part of the Gods Unchained economy, and we’re looking forward to its implementation in the future.

Localization - We recognise the deep importance of localization and are aiming to support more languages in the year ahead!

4+ Hot Minutes Away

Mobile App - We know that this is a highly-requested feature that is one of our biggest goals, but it’s going to take some time in development before we can release it to the community.

Thank you all for reading. See you next time!

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