#betterlife|| The Diary Game -THE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION OF SARAH|| 15/09/2021

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Hello friends,

Greetings from me,






Today was birthday of my friend's daughter which name is SARAH. Today i spend celebration party with them. Whole family accumulated and celebrated birthday.

I woke up 8 am , then taken bath and oral hygiene. Taken breakfast and read news paper 📰. Then got at my friends home for decorations. Around 2 pm we cut ✂️cake. Then clicked random images.

I did not ate lunch because i ate lot of 🎂cake. Then i got at hospital for job.



Today total 20 patient arrived. In my evening shift 10 patients arrived. 2 patients are very critical but we survived them and shifted to Intensive Care Unit.

Around 9 pm i returned at home. Taken bath . Around 9 pm i taken dinner. Now I'm spending time with #steemit.

Thanks for reading.


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Well,you enjoyed the birthday party of your friends daughter Sarah,she was cutely celbrated her day w/ you all ,I hope you enjoyed her birthday well:)
Thanks for sharing the same w/ us

Pls keep sharing your diary w/ us & be happy and healthy


Yaaaa @layersinh we enjoyed lot of fun in her birthday party.

Thanks for showing my post.

Stay connected 🙏



You really did good work with the camera and Nowadays there is so much pressure on healthcare workers. I really salute you as you balance all the things very easily. Thanks for sharing your day with us.


Yes @mayureshpandit bro now a days all healhcare providers getting so pressure of work.

Thanks for appreciation my dear bro.

Thanks for reading my post and stwy connected 😊



Your friend daughter is looking pretty. Hope you enjoy a lot in birthday party. And all pictures looks beautiful.



Yes, we enjoyed lot of fun.

Thanks for sharing your interest in my post.

Thanks for comment.