๐Ÿ˜ŠThe diary game| Better life with steem| 7th September 2021 |๐Ÿ˜Š Greatest day of my life

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Hello friends,

Greeting from me,

I hope you are all good and healthy and well. Today Tuesday may be second day of job for corporate peoples Including me, everybody you know **today was my greatest day of my life because first time i spend my whole day with my parents with long drive in heavy rain.**

Greatest day of my life



So let's start activities of the day with @thediarygame on @steemit.

Last day means night my around 11:50 pm my IN charge called me and saying, "Alfaz Next day will be your compensatory off instead of double duty which is done by you before 4 days ago." So last night i spend more time with social media and study then i sleep at late night.
Today i got up late morning may be around 10 am. Dear friends this is rural village so the morning was very cold because here so many trees and farms. so i started my daily activities with dental cleaning and then after took bath with hot water. Dear friends when i leaving on my rental house so there is no heater or geyser so i bathing with cold water. Friends i don't like cold water but you know about bachelors life so today i taken bath till 1.5 hours with hot water. Then mom made tea with breakfast for me.
After that mem asking me, "When you will go for duty?" So i explained to mom about my C.OFF(compensatory off). Mom was very happy after listen my off. They decide we make BIRYANI in lunch. So i helped to mom for make cooking. Around 3 hours we made a biryani.


At 2 pm the father arrived at home. he is shocked after showing me at home and he asked me about job so i explained same which is above. So he was also happy and during the lunch we surprised of biryani. After looking decorated biryani he was so excited for lunch. So we sit for lunch and around 2:30 pm we taken lunch. After the biryani meal my father often praised the biryani. Saying that my stomach was full but my mind was not full. Really biryani has become very tasty. It was raining outside and it was very cold and we was eating hot, spicy and delicious biryani at home.


After lunch we sat down and made funny jokes and old stories. So i requested to long drive in rain to my mom-dad and they are ready and we decide for long drive. We decide the NARMADA MAIN CANAL for long drive. Then they ready for long drive and arrived after freshness. Around 3:30 pm we went out to go to long drive.


The rain is raining with soo big drops and speedy. Then we decided so short drive but my little sister want long drive. She want around 50 km. Because of his stubbornness we all decided to go to KEVADIYA by staying via the canal. The KAVADIYA is in Narmada district and distance between my village to kevadiya is around 53 km.
We are going and I'm driving my car. I'm driving about 80 km per hour and the rain is raining so fast with big drops. After passed of 10 km the nature of rain is too dangerous because I'm unable at to see any thing in front of me. So i reduced speed of my car and it may be around 30-40 km per hour.




After passed 30 km the rain is reduced so we taken some random clicking.

















We taken lot of enjoy of rain, drive and nature and arrived at home at around 8 pm. Then mom made dinner and we taken around 9 pm. Then i spend my time with @steemit, checked notifications and revert back.


Today i spend 1st time whole day with my parents and enjoyed a lot of fun in my 23 years of age. I never spend half day with my parents. I'M very thankful to god who given me this day.

Thanks for showing your interest in my activities of the day with your valuable time. I appreciate for your time and patient.

Please share your opinion and experience with your connect.

Stay connected and stay safe.


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Great , it's beautiful & full of narure as well. The river side is also beautiful. You have a happy family. Hope you enjoyed the drive & visit most.
Have a great time @alfazmalek


Yes bro, it was a wonderful nature for us, we enjoyed lot of fun.

Thanks for showing your interest in my post.



It is nice to be with our family on a rainy day. I have been at Narmada river banks in Gujarat, the city called Baruch a very nice place


Yaaa yhis is a very nice place for long drive,

Thanks for showing your interrst with my post.



Biryani, monsoon, and road trip are all the best things together in one single day. Such an exciting day you have.


Yes bro, thats why i mentioned greatest day.

Thanks for sharing your valuable time with us bro



this is rural village so the morning was very cold because here so many trees and farms.

Correct. The weather is much cooler in rural areas as compared to urban cities due to the presence of lots of vegetation and farmlands.

Very pleased to know that you spent time with your parents on your off day. That feeling must be so satisfying, isn't it?

Good day.


Yes bro, I'm too satisfy and the weather of village is tooo ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ƒ,

Thanks for showing your interest and thanks for connected ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™



Biryani makes my mouth watery.
Nice photos clicked by you.
Thanks for sharing your day.


Yes bro, the biryani was too delicious specially it was made by mom so i eat much and more.

Tha ks for sharing your valuable time with us bro



Amazing pictures!!
Hope you had enjoyed lot with your family.
And all your food in your diary looks delicious.



Yes @monali01 i enjoyed lot with family ๐Ÿ‘ชโค

It was greatest day for me till now.

Thanks for sharing your valuable time with us and valuable comments.



You have clicked very good photos.
Your all food looking so delicious. I hope you enjoyed it.
After watching your diary and photos I think your day was very joyful.
Have a good day.


Yaaa @ayazali it was great and joyfully day

Thanks for sharing your valuable time and valuable comments





Your post is awesome. In which you have given many photos.


Yes bro,

Thanks for showing my post by your valuable time.



It seems that you and your family enjoyed a lot. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us @alfazmalek. Stay safe ๐Ÿ˜Š.


Yes mem, definitely we enjoyed a lot,

Thanks for your valuable comment.

Stay connected mem.