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Hello steemians

So how are you guys hoping that everyone will be healthy and your family too.

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πŸŒ„ Morning πŸŒ„

So this morning I woke up at 8.00 o'clock, I brushed my teeth and had a cup of tea, And then started reading online news paper ( Lokmat ) on mobile, After reading news, Then I go to the morning walk for freshen my mind in the fresh air, the weather was a bit sunny and came back at 9.15,On my way back from the walk, I bought Bread Milk and some groceries from the Daily Needs store. Than i take a bath i feel energetic after bath, Then i have breakfast at 10.30 am, in breakfast today i ate tea and paratha, than I logged in my steemit account, and started checking the status of my post, Checked the all notifications and responded to all the comments, And then opened binance and started looking at the crypto market, steem slow slow going up, Then I got a call from the store that some items are running out, Bringing purchases from the distributor at the time of coming to the store.


(Tea and Paratha)

( 25/07/2021 Crypto market in binance)


🌞 Afternoon 🌞

In the afternoon, i want to go to the Store, my friend came to pick me up, and then we go to the village, at 12.05 o'clock, While going to the store we bought capacitors from the distributor,and we reached the store, we took tea and Water after reaching the store, Then started doing work, I have placed capacitor orders on mail, The work which I had kept pending yesterday, started completing it today, and at 5.00 i completed my all work, and freshen up and went to my friends in the crypto section, at 6.30 o'clock we left for home.

Way to store



πŸŒ… Night πŸŒƒ

I reached home at 7.10 pm, I sanitized myself well, than took a shower, After Shower i Take some rest, And Then at 9 o'clock we sat. had dinner, Today i had Chicken Tahari With Salad in dinner , After dinner I took a walk for a while, then came to the room, and start watching some videos on YouTube, and after watching Checked my Steemit account for a while, Than play BGMI for some hours and then fell asleep.

Chicken Tahari With Salad




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Thank You.





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The work which I had kept pending yesterday, started completing it today

It's good that you utilise your day properly and complete your tasks. Utilising our time properly is important. You have captured a few beautiful pictures. Keep sharing your diary with us and stay blessed @amer4058

Your diary starts w/ tata tea w/ newspaper travelled through paratha-visiting store-distributor ends w/ chicken tihari

Nice diary shared with us


Nice diary from your side
Tahari looks yummy
#india #affable

Good to see someone from Maharashtra. I am from Pune. How is covid in the aurangabad? We have kind of slow speed with infection but yeah pretty much lockdown after 4. I hope your city is safe. Keep writing the diary and keep posting food images :)



Now better than before yes agree with you

Thanks for visiting

Glad to know that someone from the city near me is here too.
#india #affable