Better Life With Steem - The Diary Game - 02/02/2022 - Starting With Weary and Ending on Memory

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Good Morning Steemians


Too much tiring day

I woke up at 6 am, I used my mobile for a while because it is very cold outside the quilt so I thought first I should use my mobile, then later I will wash my face and brush my teeth. So finally the time has come when I will go to wash my face… Oops, the water was too cold. I made tea with breakfast.
Made tea

I had tea with breakfast then I packed my bags, today I will go to my friends house. I took a shower, I called Mumma. My packing was completed and then I checked my train, it is on time so I left home. I bought some snacks and soft drinks for the way. I took a rickshaw and went to the station.

I reached the station on time and waited for my train there. After sometime the train came and I sat in it. I took off my neckband and listened to the songs. I was feeling hungry so I took out snacks and soft drinks.
Snacks with soft drink

After an hour I reached Agra station. Now I am going to my friend's house after a long time, I am very happy to meet them. I took a rickshaw to go to her house

Reached at station of Agra

I reached her house then I got refreshed, I washed my face and hands. I talked to them then we went out to have fast food. First we went to the tea shop and drank hot tea in cold weather wow this is love and especially in winters. We went to eat momos, chaant and chowmein.
Winter's love

Within no time, we spent more and more quality time with each other. We returned home and clicked photos on the way. We reached home, we took some rest, then we talked and we remembered our old days. I don't know when the time was going so fast when I saw the time it was 1 o'clock

Thanks for taking the time to read my post

Good Night


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