Better Life With Steem - The Diary Game - 08/09/2021

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Good Morning Steemians

Last night i slept late, so i woke up late at, i went to the balcony and sat there for a while. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I went to the mumma's room and talked to maa paa. I made tea for everyone then i gave breakfast and tea to all. After having breakfast, i took shower then we all went to Lord Hanuman's temple how peaceful it was actually at that place

We bought Prasad then we offered the offerings and gave prasad to all. We returned to home, i talked my friends on conference call and it took 45 minutes just because they were talking nonsense on call. I ate food then took a short nap. When i woke up then mumma gave the tea, my brother came home so told him that i want to eat Chowmien then you go and bring it for me.

OMG this was such spicy and tasty Chowmein. I attended my two hours class then I was tired so took rest. I went to terrace and talked to my cousin on call. I came back down then i washed my hands, i listened songs on speaker, I watched videos on YouTube. Papa arrived at home, mumma served food for everyone, i watched movie on telivision. I went to my room and opened my book but i don't know why but my mood was upset so i went to the terrace.


Don't know why but I was in bad mood so I went to the terrace because at that time I needed a quiet place to set my mind well. I think the night keeps all the secrets of all persons and persons are aware of it. The dark, and peaceful night makes me feel at peace from which I can think of other things later.

Thank you for reading my post.

Good Night Steemians


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Your food is very spicy


Yes, it was too much spicy. Thank you @anilgzp

Though I am not fond of Maggie but I love maggie masala😋, it adds more taste to the spicy & namkeen dishes.


Yes it is true, and it tastes good too and we can add Maggi Masala to many spicy dishes… I think we can add it to all spicy dishes. Thank you for reading my post.

Yes indeed the night time and also the time in the mind where we are in need of sleep. These days I realized that taking some sleep and also having a routine to do things always help. Once world gets back in order with the work routine outside we would have again bad days and mood so having right routine and sleep helps.. so take some sleep :)

#affable #india


I also think that I will sleep well but due to some problem it does not happen, but now i'll try to sleep. Thank you for your advice.

Amazing night scene you pictured and shared was beautiful ❤️
Pls keep sharing your activites & be happy and healthy


Thank you so much @layersinn

You have written a great diary @arjuskrwr
Sometime, it happens we don't know why we are upset. By the way Chowmien is looking very delicious 😋


Yes, and sometimes this situation corrects itself.
Thank you @amansh

Chowmien looks yummy. @arjuskrwr nice Diary game. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Keep posting #affable


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