Better Life With Steem - The Diary Game - 17/09/2021 - Offered the offerings to Lord Ganesha

9개월 전

Hlo everyone how are you and how was your day. I hope you all are stay safe in your homes.
Actually my life was very messed up these days and I was very busy with Lord Ganesha's preparations, daily there were new activities here so I didn't have time to write my diary but I wish to write my diary everyday.

Good Morning Steemians

I woke up at 5 o'clock it is now my habitual but Lord Ganesh songs were playing in the background so I got up, I washed my face and brushed my teeth. It was raining so i did exercise at home the mumma gave me tea. I did my all work then i took shower then worshipped, i prepared the plate of worship.
Pooja ki Thaal

Prasad, which I offered to God

I did worship then we all did Arti, i took prasad then i returned home. I used my mobile for a while then i talked to my cousin sister then mumma gave me breakfast.

I took rest because it was already too mess up, i scrolled news feed on Instagram. Today we all had to offer Chhappan Bhog to Lord Ganesha, so I helped Mamma prepare the Bhog. Chappan Bhog, in this we offer fifty different dishes to God, some salty, some sweet, some fruits are offered to all kinds of dishes. The bhog were ready, i attended my online class.
Today's class was very interesting it was a game named Guess the Name.

After attending my interesting online class I took some rest because after sometime the Pooja will start and I will be busy again. I took the prasad canoe and gave it to the elder brother, we all reached there then we started doing aarti.
Everyone offered Chhappan Bhog to Lord Ganesha

Chhappan Bhog

All the elder brothers offered prasad and I took the most. I took extra prasad and gave it to my neighbor as all was not well in the house there and they didn't go for aarti so I gave them prasad. I came back home then I ate my prasad, mumma cooked food but I didn't want to eat anything because I ate more prasad. I went to my room and lay on the bed, I was so tired, I talked to my cousin, then I watched some videos on YouTube.

Thank you everyone for your interest in my post

Good Night Steemians


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Nice post thanks for sharing with us.
#India #affable

Lord Ganesha's pandal is very beautiful decoration and your morning breakfast is beneficial for our body.Bhog offered to God is very tasty.Greetings to Ganesh ji from my side too.


Yes i will do that and thanks for showing interest in my post.

Jai Ganpati bappa ji ki. You have decorated the flower plate very well and your prasad is also very attractive. Nice diary @arjuskrwr



Thank you for your compliment.

Eating more prasad is obvious in this case because the prasad seems to be very tasty .. #affable


Yaa and it was Chhappan bhog so how can i not take it. Thank you @jahangeerkhanday

it seem you had a busy day today. puja, online lectures, and helping mom in the kitchen. great diarygame @arjuskrwr


Yes it was a really busy day for me. Thank you for your interest in my post.

You had enjoy lots of varieties of food throughout the day and your whole day was pretty busy because you doing a lot of things. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us


Yes it was a very busy day and a tiring day too. Thank you @mayureshpandit for reading my post

Pooja ki thali has been decorated in a beautiful way.
Lord Ganesha idol is looking tremendous.
You have clicked the chhappan bhog beautifully.
Have a great day @arjuskrwr


Chhappan bhog was delicious also :-)
Thank you @krishna001

The prasad you offered to God seems so yummy😋


Yes it was really tasty. Thank you for reading my post.

@arjuskrwr i also went there prashad was tasty, grams is healthy for our and rich in protein


Yes you are right the prasad was actually very tasty and i agree with you that gram is good for health.

@arjuskrwr 56 Bhog prasad looks very good and yummy which is offered to lord Ganesha. Thanks for sharing your day with us.
Keep posting 👍


Thank you @sumitthakur for reading my post.

Aarti, puja prasad all looking delightful, thanks for sharing may Lord Ganesh bless all your prayers


Thank you so much and thank you for stopping by.

I wonder how lord Ganeshs preparations mess up life, Hope lord isnt offended.

You have done very good work, decorations, prasad and all .

You have presented lof dishes in the Chhappan Bhog, hope you enjoyed them well.


Yes i enjoyed a lot. Thank you for reading my post.