Better Life With Steem - The Diary Game - 21/08/2021 - Special One's Birthday

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Hlo steemians how are you and how was your day. I hope you all are stay safe in your homes.

Today is very special day because today is birthday of special person @divyanshi who has played a very special role in my life and i hope she will always with me with lots of smiles.
Friend's Birthday


When I am with you I forget all my problems

Good Morning Steemians

I wished Happy Birthday to my friend at sharp 12 AM and then we did video call. I put her photos on my Instagram story. I went to sleep at 2 AM then i woke up at 6 o'clock. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I did exercise at home then mumma gave me voice to drank tea after drinking tea i called to my friend and wished her again. I took shower then i ate food.
Puri Sabji

I was tired so i took rest then after sometime my elder sister came here with my brother. I welcomed her then mumma made the snacks and tea, we drank together. We talked and then we went to the market for buy Rakhi. We bought all the stuff then we went to the Kitchen Store to buy some snacks for us.

Bought stuff for us

We returned home, I washed my hands and face, i took rest for 20 minutes. I was bored so i played with my nephew and clicked more selfies with him.
Spent time on Snapchat

My sister wanted to eat ice cream so i called to my brother to went with us on Amul Parlour. We reached to the Amul Parlour and ate more and more ice cream. We ate so much ice cream that our bill was some 500INR (6.74USD) really we are just like gobbler.
Amul Parlour

As soon as we came inside the house, it started raining outside thank god that we came at home on time. I was not want to eat food so i went to my room and charged my phone. I talked to my sisters and brother and talked about Rakshabandhan. I was very tired so i went to my room and lied on the bed.

Thank you for visiting here

Good Night



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@arjuskrwr, many happy returns of the day for your friend. Please pass my wishes to her.
Nice diary. Keep sharing your day with us and stay blessed.


Thank you @pulook from her side and thank you for stopping by.

Nice diary from your side and wish you a happy birthday @divyanshi.


Firstly wish you a very happy birthday to @divyanshi.
And your post was beautiful and nicely written all the things. Puri sabzi was looked so tasty and Amul ice creams are always tasted good.


Thank you for reading my post. No matter how much ice cream we eat, but i am not satisfied anymore.

True Friend is costly gift of god. We should take care of them.
For example you and your friend @divyanshi.
But I did not she the birthday cake in your post



Thank you for giving a very good example on our friendship. She didn't celebrate her birthday for some reason but I'll have a party with her later.

Hey @arjuskrwr are being seen here after a all good?
Your post has a lot of both friends are looking great together.


you are being seen here after a fortnight

Yes i was busy with my exam and after exam i was busy in festival preparation so i was not able to share my days on @steemit but i hope i will be able to share my days now. both friends are looking great together.

Thank you for your compliment.


Ohh great!! I can expect more beautiful posts like this.....good.

500 rupees of ice cream for 3 persons? 😆
That's incredible. Hope you had great fun.



Actually we ate different types ice cream and also drank shakes.

Thank you so so much @arjuskrwr for making me a part of your Diary ❤️
I pray to god that we always keep smiling like this


Yes ofcourse my babes we will always be together like this.