Better Life With Steem - The Diary Game - 22/08/2021 - Siblings Day : Rakshabandhan

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Hlo steemians how are you and how was your day. I hope you all are stay safe in your homes.

Happy Rakshabandhan

Good Morning Steemians

I woke up as usual 5:30 AM then i washed my face and brushed my teeth. I went to my morning walk with my sister. I returned to home then mumma gave me tea, today is Rakshabandhan so the sisters do not eat anything before they tying the Rakhi on brother's hand, so i didn't eat anything. I did household chores then i took shower, i went out to buy sweets for my brothers. I helped mumma in making the food and my elder sister @shivijadon was decorated the Thaali of Rakhi and my other elder sister @nidhu health was not good. I tied the Rakhi on my brother hand then he gave me return gift, but my other brothers have not come yet, i called them and asked when he would come here so he told that they were on the way.
After some time my cousin brothers came here i was happy because they were too late but it's oky now, i gave water to them then i tied Rakhi on theirs hand, they also gave me return gift.
I tied Rakhi on my brother's hand

Pics of @rishabh99946 and me

I don't know why he was smiling looking at me

Pics of @jatinthakur and me

He was smiling seeing my rakhi knot lol

I tied Rakhi on my @shivijadon sister's hand

We ate food together

If you did not notice something i tell you that in all the pictures the main thing is my mehndi lol🤣, when my sister clicked the photo of us, I reminded her that my mehndi should also be in the photo.
Here is my mehndi

After talking with them and doing all work i slept for three hours because i was very tired, i woke up at 6 o'clock then i washed my face. Mumma gave me tea with snacks . We ate dinner together then i went to my room and talked to my friends and i sent my birthday invitation to all. I was little hungry so i ate Laddoo.

Thank you for visiting here.

Good Night Steemians


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U P model Rakshabandhan is comming always on my dreams:) was there any solution to change u p model
I hope you at utmost joy of Rakshabandhan:)
Keep sharing every moment of RKbdn pls



I enjoyed the whole day. Thank you for reading my post.

Wow your photos of rakshabandhan is looking amazing. But I want to suggest to use justify code for better apperance as your diary is looking liek a poem.

Don't take me wrong. It's just a suggestion.



Wow your photos of rakshabandhan is looking amazing.

Thank you for your compliment.

Don't take me wrong. It's just a suggestion.

Absolutely not, I make sure I remember your suggestion when I post my diary.
Thank you @prakhar9675 for your suggestion.

@arjuskrwr, it seems you and your family and relatives bought all the rakhis from the market.
Lol! I hope you enjoyed your rakshabandhan a lot. Keep enjoying your days. Stay blessed and also share your diary with us. Have a great day.


Yaa sure, thank you for reading my post.


Nice capture during tying rakhi to your brother. You shared your enjoyable moment of your day.

Specially LADDU looking so deliious.




Thank you @alfazmalek for reading my post. Stay Safe

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