Better Life With Steem - The Diary Game - 23/08/2021 - It's My Birthday

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Hlo steemians how are you and how was your day. I hope you all are stay safe in your homes. Today i am very happy because today is my birthday. OMG i have been wait for my birthday for 1 year and now it has come.

Happy Birthday Arju Sikarwar

Good Morning Steemians

I slept late because everyone wished me on sharp 12AM so i slept at 2 AM after replying of everyone's messages, calls, stories but I woke up on my own time as usual. I washed my face and brushed my teeth then i went to the terrace, i walked there and did exercise meanwhile i got many calls from relatives then i attended all those calls. Mumma gave me tea and snacks. I talked to her about today's party then i didn't do anything because it's my birthday.
I took shower then i did worship i gave prasad to everyone. Mumma made the Sabji Kachodi and I love it so ate it with my sister.
Sabji Kachodi

I started preparing to snacks, i cutted the vegetables then it was 12 o'clock and i started calling to my friends. They came at 1 o'clock then i gave them water and then snacks.

We did gossips and had a lot of fun, we took selfies. My sister went out to get cake for me and i didn't know about it, it was surprising for me. Mumma made Chhole Bhature for dinner and we all ate together, my elder sister clicked our photos while we eating the food, i got ready then my sister put cakes on the bed and i saw that there were six cakes, i was shocked but i was happy to see it.
My surprise given by my sister and friends


Birthday Special
@shivijadon @nidhu @rishabh99946 @jatinthakur @somyasingh @divyanshi @sweta14
These are the people who made my day even more special.

After celebrating the birthday all went to their homes. I cleaned the house then after sometime my sister and brother-in-law came here so I served food for them. I was tired so i lied on the bed and saw the today's photos.

Thank you for reading my post.

Good Night Steemians


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Belated Happy Birthday to you @arjuskrwr.
You are very lucky to have sister and friends like them. Always be happy and blessed 😊.


Thank you so much dear for your blessings.

Happy birthday 🎂 to you. There is very very beautiful collage. Nice diary@arjuskrwr



Thank you for your wishes •‿•

Belated Happy Birthday :-)




Thank you :-)

I wish you happy belated birthday w/ tons of cakes! It seems you are celebrating birthdays of entire population of India it seems!!! I hope you enjoyed a lot tons of happy birthday w/ our Admin of @bestofindia community @rishabh99946

Nice diary w/ tons of joy n fun and w/ tons of delicious cakes and sweets w/ our Admin selfie makes the diary very preety amazing colourful memorable one

Keep updating your diary and be always happy


Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday and it was a different and memorable one. Thank you @layersinn for your interest in my post.

Wow, you received a lot of surprise gifts. You have gathered many friends. It was really a great party.
Accept my wishes as well. Happy Birthday @arjuskrwr


Thank you so much @krishna001, you are right i got a lot of surprises.

Wish you happy birthday @arjuskrwr
You have nice party with friends.


Yes it was memorable day for me btw thank you for your wishes.

Happiest birthday @arjuskrwr.

Kindly accept my greeting. may you get successes and fulfill your all wish in your life.

You looking so so so beautiful Thanks for sharing your birthday with us. stay connected and stay happy.




Thank you for your wishes.

You looking so so so beautiful

Thank you for your compliment.
Stay Safe