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"Spring 2 Summer" Contest

Hello everyone! It's been a while since we organized a contest in the Best of India community, But the wait is now over!

The spring sunshine to the scorching heat of a Summer Day is what we grossly experience nowadays. More or less, the beautiful attraction of a spring season is tender green leaves, blossoming flowers, etc, and a wide variety of them. Whereas a Summer day always drives us to explore the vivid collection of a beach, ocean, etc.

So here is a contest for you-- Spring 2 Summer, #Spring2Summer, to demonstrate your experience. It can be anything, it can also be a perception, your imagination. But make sure a color theme is attached to it, as we all know spring is a season of colors.


  • Best Summer outfit/Summer fashion
  • Your beach or pool moments of a hot sunny day
  • Plants/gardening/flowers(but should be related to Spring2Summer)
  • Best imagination(but should be related to Spring2Summer)
  • Carnivals/camps/tours(but should be related to Spring2Summer)
  • Displaying/demonstrating Summer gear
  • Summer Activities
  • Mother Nature/Birds and its ecosystem(but should be related to Spring2Summer)

Important Note- A color theme is a must in this contest.


  • This contest is open and anyone can participate.
  • Demonstrate your "Spring 2 Summer" experience in whatever way you can.
  • Share details of your experience with relevant/real images(with a color theme)
  • Put more details about your experience and emphasis on the color theme.
  • Your article/submission should be at least 200 words.
  • The relevant tags are #spring2summer #boi #boicontest.(Should be among the first five tags)
  • Only one entry per user. (Alt accounts/cheating will render you disqualified and/or permanent ban).
  • Post directly into Best of India community from this link Best of India community
  • Share your post on Twitter, tag Steemit. It is optional though.
  • Posts should be your own original work, any evidence of plagiarism will result in disqualification from the contest immediately.
  • We will mainly be looking for details/imagination/creativity/color theme and the way you demonstrate your Spring 2 Summer experience.
  • Original photography/image will score you better.
  • The title of your post must start with "Spring2Summer".
  • Put the link of your entry in the comment section(although not mandatory, make sure you use the correct tag #spring2summer, #boicontest, etc.)
  • This contest will run until 06th May, Time- 11:59 UTC.


At the end of the contest, the top 4 winners will share a prize pool of 50 STEEM.


For any questions, clarifications, etc please join the comment section.

Thank you.


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    We are hoping to see a lot of participants in this contest.

    If the number of participants goes above 100, there will be an additional surprise reward added from my end for the winners.

    Thank you!

    Waiting for the announcement of winners!! @rishabh99946

    Such a great contest will definitely participate

    Wow! That's an amazing contest. Will definitely try it.

    This is really a different type of contest, would like to participate.

    Wow! nice contest.

    Wow, interesting contest.

    Awesome initiative. I'm glad it's finally time for contest! Thanks to the supporters and the curators of this project,I'm sure you'd be amazed by the creativity that this contest is going to motivate.

    Such an interesting contest... can't wait to post my contest entry

    Looking forward to Participate in this contest !!!!
    The topic seems too be interesting 😃😃

    it's good to extract steemians potential of creativity @bestofindia