Better Life With Steem | The Diary Game | 28/07/2021


Today I woke up in morning at 7 a.m but it was raining outside so I decided to sleep more and after that I woke up at 9 a.m then I fresh myself and take tea with breakfast .After that I got ready myself because today I have to give my semester exam and at 11:40 p.m I login to my dashboard and enter login credentials after that a message is displayed on the left side that you have to wait till 12 p.m.


After waiting 15 min I got a continue option enabled and then I started my test .
After giving test of 1 hr 30 min duration I feel myself tired and my eyes get strained due to screen brightness so I decided to take some rest and go to sleep and after that I woke at 5 p.m in the evening then I go for market for buying sugar and then I eat pudding and take tea with that I go for a walk with my friends after that.
When I came home I feel hungry so looking for meal my mother offered me some food it was a spicy dish of pumpkin with chappatis and mangoes.


Food was very delicious 😋. After taking meal I take some rest and decided to write diary.

Thanks for visiting on my blog.

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