Better life with steem| The diary game| 29.07.2021


Today I wake up at 8 a.m and I push my body to lift up from my bed and then I brush my teeth and fresh my self and then do some exercise like slow running and some fat burning exercise.After that I go to my roof and saw the clouds the overall scene was very beautiful I can't stop myself from clicking a picture so I decided to click picture.


After clicking picture heard a sound of my mother shouting to take breakfast and tea so I came down and take breakfast with tea as I am tea lover 😂.


After having my breakfast I have decided to do my assignment I have spent time on doing question.It was a tricky one I spent 2 hours on that question finally I came to solution.


It was mind scratching question I feel tired and decided to watch some stuffs on YouTube and some news to keep myself updated and relaxed.
After that I had my lunch and after lunch I go to market to arrange some households it was not raining initially but some clouds are there .Suddenly rain has started when I was coming home back from market I got wet so I dried myself and after that I took rest and slept for 4 hours after that I woke up at evening and go for walk with friends and after that when I came home I feel hungry so demanded food from mother.Food was not cooked yet she hurrilly cooked food .


and served with salad and sweet dish named gulabjamun .I eat that , food was delicious I enjoyed that after having my dinner I take some rest and decided to write diary note.

Thanks for visiting my post

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Your post looks great because the first photo in your post is so compelling. Very nice post.


Thanks for appreciation😊

I too kind of wondered about the happy string question. Similarly the first time I had palindrome question I too got confused in the past. Now these days I just google lol. Looks like your day was good. Keep posting awesome food images and keep it up with diary writing :)



Bro Google things does not help me in increasing thought process that's why I always try by myself and then look solution .I Hope you understand 🙄

Morning vibe picture is much good. There is much tea lover in india like you. Ha ha 🙂
You are doing your assignment with your own hard work. It's much good.



Thanks 😊

@elitecoder Great Diary Game. Food looks so much yummy. The first picture look amazing. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Keep writing, Have a great day ahead, Stay safe #affable #india


Thanks 😊