Better life with steem| The diary game| 30.07.2021


Today I woke up at 8 a.m as usual. I make myself feel relaxed and stand up after that I brush my tooth and fresh myself After that I do some jogging and exercises to keep myself fit.After that I asked for tea and breakfast from my mother after 15 minutes my breakfast got ready.


In breakfast there was a sandwich with tomato sauce it was yummy 😋.After having my breakfast I decided to do my pending college assignments and prepare for upcoming semester exams so I study for about 3 hours .After studying I feel tired so decided to watch some webseries so I asked one of my friend which webseries I should watch ,he told me that you should watch Broken But Beautiful Season 3 so decided to watch that webseries.


After watching 3 episodes of this series I feel sleepy so decided to sleep.After sleeping I continued the remaining episodes of this series and finally ended this .It was interesting webseries initially I do not feel interest in that but when I saw 2-3 episode I feel interested and enjoying it.It is a story full of heart breaks again and again .After watching I feel hungry so I take my dinner. Today I decided that I should eat food from outside so I go to nearby restaurant and ordered food there.


After seeing the way food was served increased my appetite so I jumped on the food and finished like I have not eaten food from many days 😅,after having my food I came home and take rest for sometime.
After that I decided to write diary note.

Thanks for visiting my post.

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@elitecode Amazing Diarygame from your side. It would be much better if you caption your images. food look yummy. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Keep posting, Have a great day ahead, Stay safe #affable #india