Doctors of West Bengal are concerning a lot about upcoming Durga festival.

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Doctors in the state have suddenly become very apprehensive. Because the biggest festival of Bengal, Durgautsab, is going to be celebrated in Bengal. But why doctors are so concerned about this festival?

Doctors are worried about the rate at which people are shopping in violation of hygiene rules ahead of the festival. Most people are not wearing masks. And those who are wearing masks are wearing masks either on the ears or on the chin. In a country where over 70,000 people are still infected with corona and about 1,000 are dying, this kind of nonsense surprises the medical community. In this state (West Bengal) the infection rate has increased since the end of September and the recovery rate has decreased due to the increased risk.

So in this Durga Pujo, if people look at Tagore in the same way as before, the situation will get worse. As it happened in Kerala.The number of daily infected in Kerala in early September was between 1500 and 2000. The situation in Kerala has changed drastically since the Onam festival. Last Sunday, Kerala overtook Maharashtra to become the number one daily transition. The number of people affected by mining daily in Kerala is over 10,000. In just a few weeks, the infection rate has increased 10 times. And so this Durga Pujo has become a matter of great concern in the state.

However, the organizers of the puja have said that they will follow all the hygiene rules and regulations. The state government has also informed that the police will look around very carefully. But the question remains that a huge tide of people can be controlled. Will people show any awareness in Pujo? The possibility of a big catastrophe remains.

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