Betterlife || The Diary Game || 06.11.2021 || Busy Day, NZ made into the finals

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Hey guys, A very morning to all of you guys

How are you all?

I hope you are great

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Today, I woke up at 07:00 hrs and I freshened up in hurry. I had Bhakhri and Tea as breakfast first. After Breakfast, I left home and reach the office at sharp 08:00 hrs. At office, i started working and analysing the sample. At around 10:00 Hrs, a news came about restoring the duty pattern from 12 Hrs to 8 hrs. Thus, from tomorrow onwards, we have to work in pattern of eight hour, as used to be before corona.

At around 12:30 hrs, I left the office for Lunch. It was Choli-potato sabji, Salad, Roti, and buttermilk in the lunch today. We had lunch while watching the comedy show Kapil Sharma featuring actors from Tabbar Webseries available on Sonly Live.

Today's Lunch: Choli-potato sabji, Salad, Roti and buttermilk


After lunch, I left the home at around 14:00 hrs and reach the office. There were some samples already availbale to be analysed. I keep running the GC for a while to finish the analysis work. At around 18:00 hrs, I had completed my office work.After that, I entered all sample results in portal unitll 18:30 hrs.

At around 20:00 hrs, I left office and reach home. i took a shwer and then switch on the TV. I started watching the Semi-final match between ENG vs NZ meanwhile my wife served me my favourite dinner Olo-Rotlo, Chpped onion, Buttermilk as dinner. we kept watching it until 23:00 hrs.

Today's Dinner: Olo-rotlo, chopped onian, papad and buttermilk

Semi-final Match between NZ vs ENG

In the match, Eng was on dominating postion until the 17th over and then Jimmy started hitting the Jorden. It was febulous performace from NZ. I'm happy becuase i always support NZ after india.

That's all folks

That's how my day ended - quite hectic but fun

How was yours?

I hope it was great


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Your food are looking delicious @hdnakum. I never eat olo rotlo but it looking delicious.



olo rotlo is very famous food in Gujarat. thank you @monali01 for stopping by.

Your lunch and dinner filled with healthy food.

Hope you enjoyed those. Take care.


Thank you @lavanyalakshman for stopping by

Food looks delicious. Though I was a fan of england (specifically for Roy and Morgan), the match nisham and mitchell took out of the danger shows the power of NZ.

#affable #india


Thank you @skysnap for stopping by. Yes nisham and Michell were unstoppable

आपका नाश्ता देखने में बहुत ही स्वादिष्ट लग रहा है और आपने बहुत ही अच्छा पोस्ट लिखा है ।


Thank you @anilgzp for stopping by

All your food looks healthy and tasty, @hdnakum. keep posting.


Thank you @roopk97 for stopping by