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Hey guys, A very morning to all of you guys

How are you all?

I hope you are great

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After four to five busy days, I decided to write a diary game today. Today, I woke up around 08:30 Hrs. After I brushed and took shower, I had been served Chevdo, Chakri, and Puri with tea as breakfast. I took the 5 Am Club by Robin Sharma and started reading. I kept reading the book until 10:00 hrs.


After reading, I moved to my laptop and started writing my first diary game after five days. I could not post any diary game due to my hectic schedule and festivals as well. I started reading and commenting on steemit until Lunchtime. At 13:00 hrs, I had a Rice, Daal, Roti, Papad, Sabji and Buttermilk as lunch while watching the Kapil Sharma show featuring Ekta Kapoor and Jitendra. It is always fun to watch Kapil Sharma.


After lunch, I kept watching the Kapil Sharma show until it ends. It was 14:30 hrs by then. After that, I hit the bed and slept until 16:00 hrs.

After the evening Breakfast and tea, I checked my Kucoin app. I was shocked to see KDA soaring at 18$ (4x from where I brought and suggested). I have great hope for this project. You will wonder, why am I so much bullish on KDA?. Look at the following cons of an existing blockchain, whereas there is no flow I could find for Kadena Blockchain. It has everything that ethereum or Solana, or Cardano or polka-dot will never deliver.

BlockchainConsMarketcap ($)Consensus
BitcoinNo Smart contract1.23 TPOW
EthereumHigh Gas fee, 10 TPS560 BPoWnow, moving to POS
SolanaLess secure than pow75 BPOH
BSCLess secure, A bit centralized75 BPOS + POA
Kadena-2.9 BPoW

Why I Feel Kadena is too much undervalued?

1Fully Decentralized
2Smart Contract abled
3Low MarketCap at $2.9 B only
4No Cost Transaction
5Kadena team locked their token for 10 years
6cross-chain transfers
7Fix 1 billion tokens to be mined in 120 years
8Advisor - Dr Stuart Haber
9Only listed on Kucoin, Bittrex
10KDA at 100$ is still undervalued for me

I had written a blog Kadena-Next Solana? when #Kda was soaring at 2.29$ and look at today's price - it is 18$. Kadena is ahead of every blockchain that exists except the Terra Blockchain. I see Luna and KDA in the top 5 within a year.

At 18:30 Hrs, I started cycling while watching the Match between AFG and NZ. I kept cycling for half an hour. I had a huge expectation from AFG but still, NZ played smartly and won the match. Congrats to Blackcaps. Bad luck for India.


At around 19:30 hrs, I had just had Khichadi as lunch. After lunch, I left home for the night shift duty. That's how my day ended guys.

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That's all folks

That's how my day ended - Great

How was yours?

I hope it was great

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All images used above are originally made, or clicked by @hdnakum using Canva/Adobe illustrator/Blender/Photoshop and Redmi note4/Samsung M21. The above blog is strictly my view on the Kadena project stated above. Do not consider it as a piece of financial advice. Do your research before investing your hard earn money in any project.
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Your breakfast looks very light and tasty food. @hdnakum.
keep posting.