Betterlife || The Diary Game || 30.11.2021|| Shifts Ruined my routine, Monthly portfolio assessment, New show

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Hey guys, A very morning to all of you guys

How are you all?

I hope you are healthy and fit

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As soon as I reach home at 06:15 hrs from a horrible night shift, I hit the bed and slept without setting any alarm. At around 08:30 Hrs, my wife woke me up and ask me to bring vegetables and breakfast. I freshened up first and then left home. I brought vegetables from our colony shop and Khaman, Patodi, and khandvi for the breakfast from a famous shop Madhi ni Khamani nearby.

As soon as I reach home, we had a delicious breakfast Khaman, Patodi, khandvi and Tea with it. It was around 10:30 hrs by completion of breakfast things.

Breakfast: Yummy: Khaman, Patodi, Khandvi and Tea

As per my old routine, I would have finished my reading ritual and then would be writing a diary game or Homework for #steemitcryptoacademy by now but due to the new shift pattern, I just can't cope up with time table now. I'm planning to write homework but this shift pattern just doesn't yet allow me to do what I want. I have to find a solution to this dilemma anyhow because I want to re-start my reading habit as it has been 15 days without reading.

At around 14:00 Hrs, my wife served me lunch. it was Only Dal, and Roti, with Buttermilk in lunch. As usual, we had lunch while watching the final latest episode of Wagle Ki duniya's on Sony Liv.


Right after lunch, I hit the bed (oops due to those bad night shifts) and slept again. I woke up at 17:00 hrs and had a tea first, then I was felt like doing nothing but still, I managed to sit in front of the laptop. As it was month-end, I started calculating my profits and loss in Stocks, MF, Gold, and Crypto. So far Cryptocurrency is way ahead of other assets in terms of profit. The good thing is im almost 80% up in my portfolio.

After the portfolio assessment, I switched on the TV and start searching for what to watch because we have seen almost all the pending episodes of the Kapil Sharma show and Wagle ki Duniya. What I found is Sumit Sab Sambhal Lega Comedy show available on SonlyLiv. We started watching it. It was fun too.

sumit sambhal lega.jpg
Watching Sumit Sambhal Lega

At around 21:00 hrs, we had a palak Sabji, Bhakhri and Buttermilk while watching the watching Sumit Sambhal Lega show. After dinner, I kept withing the show until 21:30 hrs and got ready for the second night shift.

Healthiest Dinner: Palak Sabji, Bhakhri and Buttermilk

After dinner, I kept watching Sumit Sambhal Lega show until 21:30 hrs and then I got ready for the second night shift. I left home and reach the office by sharp 22:00 Hrs. That's all folks...

That's all folks

That's how my day ended - great

How was yours?

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Your breakfast looks very colorful and tasty. @hdnakum. keep posting.


thank you @roopk97 for stopping by

आपका नाश्ता देखने में बहुत ही स्वादिष्ट लग रहा है।


thank you @anilgzp for stopping by

Reading is a good habit for sure.
It's good to analyze at least the profit gain once in a Month.
Keep us updated with your day !



yaah reading is indeed the best having, missing it for a few days. thank you @varsha001 for stopping by

I too like to cook Kamman, all the best for your crypto academy home works


thank you for your wish @jyoti-thelight

Your breakfast is full of delicious and different dishes.
Nice diary.
Keep posting.


Khaman patodi looks very tasty And dinner looks delicious too And you wrote diary very well