Betterlife | The dairy games | 11-sep-2021 - (Normal day)


Hello steemians, how are you all? I really hope that you all are doing really Great, this is my 119th diary entry let's start and talk about my today's activities.

Friends, today I wake up at 6:00 am. After waking up I went to the washroom where I washed my face and brushed the teeth. Then I put on shoes and went out of the house for a run. About 20 minutes later came back home after a run. After coming home, I went to take a bath. After some time I got out after taking bath and then my mother gave me my morning breakfast then i eat breakfast.

sandwich with Apples and Dryfruits
I went out with my friend @ritikjadon play cricket match aginst my neighborhood village team and we won the match and after that I came back to my house. I had lunch around 1:00 pm, after which I went to my room and lay down. removed my phone from charging, I saw that my phone was full charged.
I am watching some videos on youtube

I started watching some YouTube videos on my phone. This is how my afternoon passed. At around 5:00 in the evening I got out of the house to get milk. After some time I came back home with milk. Then it was time for me to hang out, so I went to my friend's shop where my friends were already there, so I started talking with them. Then I felt like eating something so I went to kitchen and made maggi for myself.

I went to evening walk and then i captured photo of tree with clouds in background .


After sometime I reached home. After coming home, I had dinner, after that I studied for about an hour and then I went to my bed at 10:00pm and lay down.

So that's all my today's activities. And thanks for reading my post.


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Nice diary from you keep it up...

Maggie I looking great and I think it is yummy too.
Sport id beneficial for our health.
Thanks for sharing your day. Keep posting.


Thank you for visiting on my post @ashubaba01

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Thank you

Nice, sandwich w/ apple & dryfruits it's amazing starts w/ sandwich w/ fruits & dry fruits it's healthy,tasty too.i hpe you enjoyed a lot from it:)
Pls keep sharing & be happy and healthy


Yes bro@layersinn i love sandwich and dryfruits and apples are health thats why i eat them in morning breakfast .
Thank you for visiting here 🤗

What a match bro!!✌🏻Wherever we go to play cricket, we are creating a big impact.🤟🏻
Nice diary from ur side..keep posting



Yes bro because we ar champions bro💥
Than you for visiting here@ritikjadon.

Your maggi is looking delicious 😋 keep posting regularly

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Noodles are looking too delicious..😋
TY for sharing your day with us.


Thank you for visiting here @varsha001

@jatinthakur maggi looking so delicious and yummy even I hope you enjoyed your day with your friend @ritikjadon . Thank you for sharing your day

Have a great day
#india #affable

Maggie is looking very delicious.. And I think will be make very tasty ..
Thanku for sharing today's activities...keep posting,👍