Better Life | Happy Mother's Day | 09/05/2021

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Happy Mother's Day


When a girl becomes a mother, she becomes matured in real sense. When she thinks for her child every moment before herself. She forgets her own happiness, forgets to take care of herself, to raise a child. Probably very few people will know that raising a child is the most difficult task in the world. This is the biggest investment of parents. In which they invests both a large part of his life(Time)and money. And no one knows what is going to come in the return. That is why it is said that children can never repay the debt of parents.

It is only by going away from the mother that the importance of the mother comes to know, whatever the behavior of the mother, the mother is very important for every one.

There is only a mother in the whole world who, despite us growing up, considers ourself a child and forgives us for our mistakes. Otherwise, this harsh world would hang us on the cross very before.

I used to consider my mother very harsh in my childhood, but when I grew up, became mature, I came to know that my mother is really a child. And she needs care.

But at the age I am today, I have a question that why all mother only loves her children? How much love and feelings she has for her children, why it is not for the rest of the children? Why is the mother's form of a woman so revered, why not the other form?

I do not know if you understand the meaning of my words or not. Come on leave this topic, you enjoy your Mother's Day with your mother. Take care of her, today we need more to take care of our elders. Whatever be the behavior of the elders of the house, they are like a roof of the house.

With regards,

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Yes, mother is the precious gift .

No one can replace the love of love 😌💖

What you said about mother is really true.
#affable #onepercent #india 😃

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