Better Life| The Diary Game| 01/05/2021| My first 100% power up post

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Every day when it is passing, I feel that thanks to God, which I have not received any negative news today, I pray every day that I do not get any negative calls. I am still happy and healthy. My family is healthy. My neighbors and relatives are healthy, For all this, I thank God every morning. I do not know if doing all these things makes a difference or not, but the mind gets peace. And if our mind is calm, then we are able to work better in making the right decision and handling ourselves.

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling a bit lazy, also because I was awake late at night. Last night we were making litti, in which we were quite late. And maybe I knew that this morning, we have left over litties so don't need to make breakfast so I was feeling lazy.

After a while, after getting fresh, i went to take a bath and woke up jessu, brushed him and made oats for him breakfast. Then one of our relatives, Jessu is very afraid of him, he comes home. Whenever Jesu commits more bullying, we scare Jessu with his name. Then jessu comes under control.

He came with a wedding card. We have said that we will come, but considering the situation, we have to think a lot. After he left, when I got free time, I started reading my syllabus book. That's when I decided to apply nail paint.


Whenever I apply Nailpaint, only then Jessu gets some emergency, so I apply very little nail paint. A lot of sacrificial is needed to be a mother. So today, if I felt like, I decorated my hands and feet very well. After that I did my book search again on Flipkart, today showing the delivery option in Sasaram. Quickly I placed an order for my books.

Screenshot_2021-05-01-15-51-13-69.jpgB.Ed second year books of v.k.s. University

Screenshot_2021-05-01-15-50-43-50.jpgorder placed

Then I felt a little hungry Then I cut the melons for everyone. I like this fruit very much. Such fruits give great relief in summer which is completely filled with water.


Then I had lunch I made simple khichdi served with curd in lunch. After that my son fell asleep Then I also took a nap for a while. In the evening, everyone wanted to eat snack, so I made pakoras, in which I added spinach served with tomato souce. We all enjoyed it alot.

IMG20210502104546.jpgOnion pakoras

Then I became active on Steemit and I read some posts there,and also commented and wrote my daily diary. Then I got busy playing with my son.Today my son became a superhero with Super Wings.
IMG20210501182701.jpgMy superhero

Then I sat down to teach jessu that he is good in English and Math but his Hindi is not good. Then I started making dinner.I made rotis and my sis in law made vegetables. After dinner, we all went for a walk on the terrace, drank turmeric milk and then after a while we went to sleep.

In this way I spent the whole day today. Thankyou guys for reading and supporting. Take care bye bye..

With regards,

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You have bought the book online. This is the right price. thanks for sharing

Love your nailpolish collection

Nice diary

Onion Pakora is really different in food

You published diary is nice

Muskmelon मुझे बहुत पसंद है ओर प्याज वाली पकोड़ी और चाय के साथ बहुत स्वादिष्ट लगती है। और बारिश मैं तो क्या ही कहना

Your diary today is amazing. Keep it up
#affable #onepercent #india

After that I did my book search again on Flipkart, today showing the delivery option in Sasaram. Quickly I placed an order for my books.

Wow, so many books in one invoice.


If the price of a product is 100 rs or less, then those who are sellers do it by making a combo of two to four more products. It is the same with academic books.🤓🤓

#affable #india

Wow, Onion pakora is very yummy.

Your onion pakodas made me feel hungry for pakodas. They look very yummy indeed.


The easiest snack for us Indians is to make onion pakoras, they are also very good in taste.😋 ाAnd everyone likes it very much, everyone eats it with great pleasure.
Have a great day ahead.

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I have to ask a question,

Should the minimum character of all comments be 120 or in the reply posted on my post, there should be 120 characters.?


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Your books are delivered?. As I heard now there is lockdown till 15th May.
#affable #india


No, it was going to take 10 days to arrive. That is, I placed the order on May 1, so the delivery date is on the 10th.
Yes, lockdown has taken place in Bihar, till 15th. So far this information has been received, what will happen next, God knows.

#affable #india