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Has that ever happened to you? When you have ever felt that something is looking very difficult before and after when you went to do it, then it seemed that it was very simple.

You kept that work for a long time thinking that it is very difficult. You will not get that work. But the reality was that it was very easy.

Something similar happened to me these days. I used to think that the Achievement Task is very difficult but when I tried to understand it really, I felt that it was very easy to do. Yes, I have completed my Achievement3 and Achievement4 Tasks and I also get the label. I am very happy with my achievment.☺️

These days, in order to complete the achievement task, I am studying a little on it, due to which I am unable to write my daily diary. Because I have been a student of arts, I did not even try to understand the computer and nor was I interested in its language, And all my studies are from Hindi medium. so I am having some difficulty in understanding, but I am trying.

I would like to share one thing with you guys, I would like to tell you that I am very happy after joining steemit because I learned a lot here. Which I had never thought that I would be able to do all this. I am doing that today

Thank you all for your support and guidance. I keep reading mostly everyone's posts here, visiting every community. The post helps me understand a lot. I am currently writing my Achievement 5 task. Soon I will post it.

So let's see what else I am doing all day except this.☝️

This morning I woke up and drank two glasses of water (kept over night in a copper jug). Then I went to be fresh. After bathing, I prayed for a while. Then I made lemon tea for myself and my husband. There was planning to make noodles this morning in breakfast so there was no hurry.
IMG20210505090622.jpgyippee noodles

IMG20210505090611.jpgI mixed all this in the noodles, onion,peanuts,tomato

When everyone was fresh and ready for the breakfast I made noodles quickly and we all enjoyed it with tomato ketchup and ching's chilli sauce.

Then after that I got a call from Flipkart for my books which I had ordered a few days ago. I told him the address and I received my book. After I sanitized the parcel, I got my book out of it. So I realized that I had got the book for the wrong university. I matched the topics of the books that were not found with my syllabus. It was a big mess with me. So I decided to return it.

IMG_20210510_194817.jpgI accidentally ordered the wrong university book

At lunch I prepared sambar and rice. For which I chopped all these vegetables. Here is a pic..
IMG20210505092956.jpgonion, lady finger, green pumpkin, potato, Chillies

After having lunch I put jessu to sleep and started studying for my achievement task. I have already told the rest of the things before starting my diary post.

Thanks guys, Take care of yourself, take care of your family and be happy. Bye bye see you soon.

With regards,

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I started my journey here by completing achievement taks and diarygames in between. After completing achievement taks, I started doing other taks.

all my studies are from Hindi medium

Despite being a hindi medium student , you are good at English. It means you have potential to do everything well.

Nice diary.


Most people of UP, Bihar are scared to hear the name of English. So it was the same with me. But my brother forced me a lot, that you can do it. At least try. My siblings have great faith in me. They believe that I can do anything. 😁

Thankyou for your stopping by.


All i cam say, nothing is impossible to a willing heart.



The willing heart wants a lot to do, but the responsibilities are so much, who has the time to listen to the heart!☺️ I have met people here who are doing a lot of work at one time, so I get inspiration from them.

Have a great day ahead.


Vegetable maggi is my favourite.

#affable #india

I love to eat yippee noddles 😋😋😋

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Thank you.


Homemade food is very good. But lady lady likes it very much thanks for sharing


Yes, in today's time it becomes even more important that we take care of our health and do not eat things outside at all. We all should follow this strictly.I hope you are doing this too.
Thankyou for stopping by.

Those noodles must have been very tasty after you mixed them 😋.
#affable #india


I make noodles very rarely for breakfast, mostly I make roties, When I get bored after eating roti continuously, I make noodles or upma or pudding in the change. This is a very easy to make breakfast.
Thankyou for stopping by.
Have a good day.

Very splendid diary mam👏

I accidentally ordered the wrong university book
Which subject's book did you ordered?
Are you doing B Ed ?

#affable #india


Yes, I am in second year of B.Ed.


Ohk from which University ?

I'm in 1st year 😬

#affable #india

Your English is good for a Hindi medium and do not worry, in many parts of the world English is not a major language. Yes at times it looks difficult before we start something but when we actually do it, it's much easier then we thought.