Better Life| The Diary Game| 23/04/2021| Tested negative

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After the worship of Navami, my health had deteriorated a bit, I had a lot of weakness. My mother-in-law cleaned all the puja utensils and put them in the proper place. We all use puja utensils in worship. The vessel in which we eat regular food, we do not use it in worship. My mother-in-law is very strict about all these things. Although I do not believe much in all these things. I believe that worshiping is a routine work and to be truly spiritual is through your behavior.

This morning when I woke up I was feeling very heavy.I saw that my mother-in-law was teaching my sis in law, how to make bitter gourd vegetable. I have learned to make bitter gourd vegetables from my mother in law, she makes very good bitter gourd vegetables.

I asked for breakfast,that what are we going to make for breakfast today, my mother-in-law said that, let's make samosas. Flour was lying in the house for many days. Had to use it otherwise, they spoil.So together we make samosas.

IMG20210424100640.jpgSamosas to dry


IMG20210424102240.jpgwhile deep fried

After having breakfast, my husband went to the hospital for himself today whether he became negative or not. Here I spent some time with Jessu,then went to the kitchen to cook rice for lunch. And started waiting for my husband to come.

He comes home after a while, telling that he has become negative But still, a report is yet to come. But still, we breathed a sigh of relief.

We all had lunch together. Then I get free time, which I use to watch Saina movie on Amazon Prime. There is a biography of Saina Nehwal, which shows the story of her becoming the world number one badminton player. Parineeti Chopra has tried her best to act very well.

It is now time for Shaam. We all sit together and have our evening tea breakfast. Then I go for a walk on the terrace in the evening and I become active on steemit. I read the posts of some friends, comment on them and requested some people not to tag please sc 01 and 02 and any other booming account.

Then after teaching for a while, jessu, I go to the kitchen to cook dinner with my sister-in-law. We made potato bhindi's vegetable salad and roti at dinner. We all ate together. Then after a while I give turmeric milk to my husband. And all of us members also drink a glass of milk.

IMG20210423221405.jpgTurmeric milk

Then we go for a short walk on the terrace. Then after some time, we go to our respective rooms and go to sleep. This was my day today. Thankyou friend for your love and support. Bye bye take care...

With regards,

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It seems you are professional as you have given the proper shape to samosa.


It's a team work, you know...😉

You made samosas at home, that's great. Anyway, this time it is better for us to stay away from outside foods or you know..!

Nice Diary from your side. Hve a nice day.

Stay Safe

You are preparing Samosas very well. enjoy

हल्दी वाले दूध से खासी और कफ में आराम मिलता है पर अगर दूध में थोड़ा सा शिलाजीत मिला लो तो और ज्यादा फायदा मिलता है ।

Wow samosas looks tasty😋 , can I have a one?😜


When you put a lot of photo of such good restaurant food,Have I ever said that can I have a one,?..😆


Hahah 🤣🤣🤣

Samosa looks so tasty.I felt like eating after watching samosa.By the way, you did very well to make samosas at home instead of bringing it from outside.

Nice diary from your side.
Have a good day.
Take care


Thankyou for stopping by.

Wow, those Samosa tempts me.


Actually I am not a samosa lover, Or I do not like any fast food pizzas burger momos, am very simple living high thinking girl..😇

Samosas to dry

Your samosa are looking very good. 🤩🤩🤩

Turmeric milk

This is quite good for health?? I have heard this heal the wound quickly and it is also antibiotic..

Nice diary

If samosa looks like this then how delicious it will be to eat.
#affable #onepercent #india😂😂😂


Yes that was really very tasty.
Thankyou for stopping by.

Making samosas at your home is a very good thing. Your samosas shape is very good.Your dairy is good

You have made Somosa very tasty.
Stat safe take care
Thank You


Thankyou for stopping by.

I always have a big craving for samosa at least after a gap of a week. And with lockdown extended in my city, I have to wait for another week or more.

telling that he has become negative But still, a report is yet to come.

That's big relief considering the horrific COVID-19 situation.

Thank you.

Nice diary from your side.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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Hi... After a long time!!! Hope everything is okay with you!! The news from India seems to be very dangerous. Wishing you all to be safe from the pandemic


Yes I am ok but we are facing again lockdown here in my state. Don't know when things will be alright.