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Hello Friends,

Happy chait navratri(RAM NAVMI) to all of you, these days i am busy in the preparation of navratri pooja, it will be done on tuesday northern india, it is celebrated very enthusiastically,this pooja take place in almost every house in U.P, bihar.

When I got time, I started to write my daily diary there I saw,Due to the new changes on steemit, i had to face alot of difficulty while writing this post. First i tried with mobile but i could not succeed,then i opened the laptop and then i am writing this post. I hope that this will be fixed soon and we will be able to easily post from mobile as before.
Screenshot_2021-04-17-23-19-27-94.jpgcan't delete

Here is my today's activities..
So today is saturday the weekend and due to cooler recovery, my sleep is getting better at night. when i woke up today my room was completely cool so i switch off the cooler and start the fan. And i headed to washroom,after freshen up i went in the kitchen and prepared breakfast, i tried today dhokla. at first attempt i passed. a perfect sponzy dhokla i made but i spent too much time so i quickly served it to all and guess what ...yes i fogot to take picture.

IMG20210417195854.jpgJessu is playing with his animal toys

For jessu i made as usally oats.jessu started playing with toys after having breakfast.
after having breakfast i have got little time for myself. i used it, to become active on steemit,i read a lot of posts and also comment,after reading the post of dobartim i actually understand about steem Blockchain, steempower and steem. it helped me alot to understand all the ecosystem on steemit blockchain.

it was now noon, i just had to make rice because rest of things already made by my sis in law, we all had our lunch together. i had already given food to my husband,because he is still isolated from is not 14 days yet.

after a short nap i went to the grocery store next to my home to buy some is very crowded in the evening,so we came before evening.
IMG20210417195303.jpgsome essentials

IMG20210417195715.jpgfor Jessu

I washed my hands well, after coming from the store. After a while, went for a walk with tea on the terrace. Then I came down and started making dinner.Today, I made Vegetable Turai in which I put Chana dal.and surved it with roti.


so thats how my day passed.thankyou friends for reading my post.take care bye bye..

With regards,

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can't delete

In phone, it's not working fine. I recommend you to use desktop mode or type it on a computer. It works fine on that.

Turai in which I put Chana dal.and surved it with roti.

My mom made this often in summer. But to be honest, I never liked it. 😬

Nice Diary from your side.


Thankyou for stopping by my post and I will keep your suggestions in mind.


you can use edge browser/ desktop mode .


Thankyou for your suggestions.


Sometimes my wife made herself this very now and then ,i realy like it in this busy life you yourself brought grocery ,keep it up...awesome diary come across in this

You can solve this problem by using your Chrome browser in desktop mode.
Have a good day
Thank You


Thankyou for your suggestions.

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Thank you.


can't delete

I also face this problem in starting and it was too hard to write a post but when i did it on desktop site, then it becomes easier than before.
Nice diary from your side.



Thankyou for stopping by my post.

Really this new update on steemit in not working well. I hope this issue solved soon.




Thanks for stopping by my post.

I'm also facing this problem.

GluconD is best drink in summer.
Thanks for sharing your day.

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I really love turai with chana daal. I remember 3years back when I was at home I had it.

jay ramji ki
bahur badhiya likha apne
merko bhi likhna hoga aab aysa