My Entry In Spring2summer Contest by @jyotisingh

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Spring2Summer contest:

Hello everyone,

This is my entry to the #Spring2Summer contest organized by @bestofindia community. In India, there are six seasons. Each season has its own different fun.Man and nature have always been together. But today's man has become so busy that he does not pay attention to the changes happening around him.

Even today, when the spring arrives, the old leaves fall, the new one blossoms, the cuckoo sings, the Bumblebee buzz, Mango trees grow mango fruits. and the cool breeze blows with a bit of heat.

But we do not pay attention to that fresh air, we are not able to enjoy it because the man of today has become so self-centered that he has lost so much in selfishness.

As a housewife, what theme could I choose, obviously I would choose only about the fruits and vegetables of Spring and Summer. Being a housewife, I have to cook for my family 3 times a day So it becomes necessary that what variety of food can I serve them. And our nature contributes a lot in this, the way the weather changes, that way my kitchen is also affected.

Let us see what fruits and vegetables we can use in the spring and summer.

Spring season vegetables-

IMG20210505113332.jpgVegetables stored in my fridge, bottle gourd,Turai,baby pumpkin,okra

IMG20210505113223.jpgTomato in my fridge

IMG20210505113229.jpgChillies in my fridge

IMG_20210505_051659.jpgImage Source

IMG_20210505_051721.jpgImage source



IMG_20210505_051912.jpgcoriander leaves

IMG_20210505_051934.jpggreen onion




Summer fruits:




IMG20210502140457.jpgmusk melon

How can we forget the cold water in summer, these days we are not using cold Walter bottle of the fridge, so in this summer we are using the pot of water.
IMG20210505114740.jpgClay Water pot

Thanks guys, that's all from me for this contest.

With regards,

Note: Some pictures were taken by me and some pictures were taken from Google ( .

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All those pictures are very lovely. Nicely written by you.
#affable #india


Spring is always my favorite season. And there is always something new you can witness in nature-- the tender green leaves, the crescendo of birds, the welcoming sight of the birds, the animals, and the entire ecosystem. And a season like Spring is always a celebration for a person like me.

Thank you for participating in #spring2summer contest.

Have a great day.
Stay Safe.

I was happy to see the photos in your post today.
#affable #onepercent #india

Almost all vegetables I can see what have on this planet. All the best 👍
#affable #india


Of course not, there is still parwal, cauliflower, cabbage,jackfruit, ओल, arbi, drumstick,kundru and zucchini and etc etc,😂😂😂

On which planet do you live?😆

Thankyou for your best wishes.

#affable #india

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Those vegetables are looking so delicious. And you are right clay pots are better than fridge water. It help us to make our body cool and also very cold water make our lever fatty which is not good.
Nice post.

Mango trees grow mango fruits.
The king of fruit. it is called India's national fruit.

All photos are very beautiful keep it up.

Great, you explain everything beautifully.


I love all the photos you have taken

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Very informative, all the pictures are very clear and beautiful. I appreciate your efforts
#affable #india