The Diary Game: 18/04/2021 | problem solved for Mobile user

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IMG20210419115859.jpgHappy Navratri :day 6

Hello friends, how are you all?, I hope all of you will be taking care of yourself and taking care of all precautions as per the rules.

Now I am not having trouble putting posts on Steemit from mobile.I got a lot of help from the solution mentioned by @rishabh99946 post.thankyou dear.

IMG_20210419_120935.jpgfrom Rishabh's post

Those who are still having trouble posting from mobile, they can use the solution mentioned by Rishabh's post. in easy word, you can put your screen on desktop 🖥️ mode.

As I told in my earlier post that I am busy in the worship of Navratri, I am still engaged in cleaning . In this puja, cleanliness is specially taken care of.In this, we clean every corner of the house thoroughly.

IMG20210419115859.jpgMy home temple where I worship everyday

Navratri is worshiped in April and exactly 6 months after it, Diwali is worshiped in November.Cleanliness is very much taken care of in both. It is also good that through these festivals we clean the house thoroughly every six months.We do daily cleaning but through these festivals, cleanliness is done in a good way.

When I woke up in the morning today, I quickly finished my kitchen work and got engaged in the little cleaning work that was left. Then I went to take a bath. Coming into the room, I tried to wake up Jessu, but he is sleeping too late in the morning. Probably because of the cold weather, it is hot at night and cold in the morning. I let him sleep for a while.

I went to give breakfast to my husband, then I also had breakfast, now Jesu was awake,i got him ready fed him breakfast.Then we both started playing games on mobile for a while. Temple Run 2.Jasu is so small, but he was covering a lot of distance in the game. I was surprised to see.


IMG20210419115938.jpgJessu while watching TV

After a while, jessu went to watch TV and I became active on steemit. Where I read some posts, commented on some and voted up on some.I am very happy to see that 0.01 is being rewarded for my vote. I am also very happy to see that my followers are increasing day by day and now their number has increased to 57.

Then after finishing the afternoon work, I started studying, because in the second year, I have been admitted now and the examination form has also been filled. But now it has been instructed by the government that till May 15 all the schools and colleges will remain closed.Due to the college being closed, we students will not be able to get the book out of the library there and we will have to buy the book from outside, which is very worrying.

I am currently trying to cover my syllabus by watching videos on YouTube. After the scorching afternoon is over, in the evening there is some relief. Then I go to the terrace with Jessu and spend my time there with the evening till 7:30 pm. After that I come down and make dinner for everyone.

After the night's work is over, I again get active on Steemit and spend my time there, then I feel sleepy and I fall asleep. thankyou friends for your suggestions and support. take care, bye bye..

with regards,

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Nice post @jyotisingh I am also following @rashabh99946 post. And it's very helpful.

Nice diary post from your side.

I'm glad it helped you dear, Keep it up. 🌸

I am currently trying to cover my syllabus by watching videos on YouTube.

Good luck with that :).


Yes, I was relieved because there was a big headache for me.
Thankyou for stopping by.

Wow@jyotisingh! Nice diary post. Keep it up

Happy Navaratri @jyotisingh

I also worship every morning with my mother.

Have a great day



That's a very good habit. I appreciate it.


Yes, after it i feel good.


The temple in your house is very nice. I also play this game.
#affable #onepercent #india

Loved reading your diary post. Happy Navratri. May the Goddess shower her blessings to all of us.


Thankyou dear for your kind words. Wish you the same.

My home temple where I worship everyday

Your temple is quite good. In my home we also have a little temple. 🙏🙏

When I was a kid. I used to play temple run. At that time it's second part wasn't released. I can recall that scene. 🤩


In my home we also have a little temple. 🙏🙏

We all should must provide a place in the house for God. It gives peace of mind.

Thankyou for stopping by.

I was having problem while posting my homework and @rishabh99946 's post helped me too . Btw good diary


Yes, Wherever there is a problem, a solution already exists there, we just need to find it.
Thanks for stopping by.

It seems you are playing an all-rounder role in your life. Who doing cooking, doing the study, writing posts, and taking care of your family.


Yup , Life is very short, we have to do everything in it 😇