The diary game --04/01/22

6개월 전

Hello everyone, hope you all are fine and doing well. Today, i woke up at 8 am. After brushing, i read newspaper. The news of covid spreading with a great speed is really concerning. The college which has allowed offline classes for students are in high concern.

Even IIT kharagpur, which have resumed offline classes after 1.5 years in a sequential manner has reported 60 covid cases inside campus, in which 40 are students.

I then worked on my left design. I have also to make an announcing poster for our club auditions which are going to be held soon. I searched for some good pins for the same.

At about 1 pm, i had my lunch. After that, i watched some Videos on YouTube.

At evening, one of my friends called me to meet. I prepared myself and met him in the market. We had lot of conversations together. We had eaten very delicious dishes in the market too.


street chap

Good night
Thank you


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I usually had the paneer chap and also those cheese based chaaps. Never tried the non veg based chaaps.

#affable #india


Thanks for visiting my post

Your food looks yummy and tasty, @kushagrapratap. keep posting.

thanks for sharing your valuable post with us street chap

looking so delicious.