How a Single Mom Makes Rs. 30,000 Per Month in Her Spare Time Trading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency


Hi friends, This is a Dream of Ordinary Educated Housewife Wish.

As a housewife, I know very well how other people or other family members treat us in financial issues involving our importance. They always think we don't how knowledge on deciding on financial issues, only we know household works. Thats why they do not give any importance on those issues.

In India, like those incidents are very common. But now those are completely changed after improving technology growth, Internet usage growth. Now housewives also earning good amount on doing online work. Now handling both their household work, their kids along with their online earnings too. Now they proving their self .

Have You Ever Considered Making Money Online?

Divya from India, before marriage she doing a job and getting a good salary. But after marriage, her life completely changed, due to responsibilities not possible to go Office, then after she doesn't do any job .Completly spend her full time with her family. But her husband does not give any importance to her, for every need she completely depends on her husband.

But she doesn't like that life,she wants to earn her self, but in the home, they do not allow to go out for work. So she decided to do online jobs.

But here she doesn't have a PC, only having Mobile. On using those resources she starts searching for Online earning ways.

On doing her weeks of research finally she got a good wat. That is Trading Bitcoin. She starts research on it, finally, she finds that for starting trading we need at least $100, and market analysis skills. For trading, there is a lot of wallets and exchanges available.

Then after she starts trading using Demo account, slowly she gets knowledge on it. Then she doesn't look back, just invests her savings and start trading.

Within a short period, she converts those $100 into $500. That success giving confidence to her., she slowly withdraws her earnings shows to her husband.

Now her husband is jobless due to pandemic, but she earned every month nearly Rs 30,000 from home. On seeing her growth, her Husband not having any words to express his feelings. Then after her importance in her home increased.

Now she spends her own money for her needs without depends on her husband. Now she contributes to her family needs.

Like that success stories, we saw huge in future due to Crypto.


Crypto giving good future for unemployment people, giving the confidence to stand their legs, giving good earnings for educated Housewives.

In crypto, we need knowledge and little investments only, from this possible to earn our needed amount very easily here.

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Crypto has definitely created many opportunities, particularly many freelance jobs. To be honest it is the crypto, Steem Blockchain with which I am somehow surviving since the outbreak of COVID-19 and I am very sure it has created equal opportunities for many others.

In a country like India where the population is huge, it has created parallel job opportunities for many, and like you said it has created a new space for housewives who can work from home and contribute to the family's economy.

Thank you.

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For me also steemit platform giving great opportunity to learn and earn for my needs. Now i full fill my needs with those earning. As a house wife i know how others trested me,if you not go gor job.

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Scalping is a type or trading technique that is carried out quickly in 1 to 15 minute intervals. The way to do this is fast and focus on small profits (usually 2-3% profit per transaction). Sometimes scalping trading techniques are difficult for beginners or newbies because sometimes it is difficult to predict the market


Thanks for infotmation. Yes i agree for beginners trading is not so easy but practicing with demo accounts and watching you tube videos they can learn very quickly.

I am real example in this situation,on seeing youtube videi learn lot and start doing trading with my earnings.

Thanks for stopping my post.

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I totally agree with you. There is alot of potential benefit when it comes to cryptocurrency. We just have to dig deep.

I tell people that cryptocurrency is something that has come to stay and they should start learning the ecosystem early, so they will benefit early too.


Yes early entry is always give good earnings too. But need patience here.

Thanks for stopping my post.

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Fantastic one bro keep it up