Amazing things about Kids and Parenting


Having a child is one of the best thing that can happen and raising up a child is one of the toughest job of the world. Parenting should definitely not be taken up so casually, because the efforts put in raising up a child will determine how that child grows up into adulthood.

I believe Children are the most precious treasures and they should be nurtured with lot of warmth, love and care. My son is grown up now but still there are times when he needs me and he wants me to be around him. This bonding of a parent and child never ceases, it is one of a lifetime, and the quality of time parents spend with their children in their childhood days will set the base of this bonding. The journey is fun as well as tiring but whatever it is, it is one of the best.

Today I want to talk about the 5 amazing things of Kids and Parenting, this is my own experience as a parent as well as I believe that this is general with all the kids.

Children are very innocent - This is true, their innocence reflects in their actions, it is difficult for them to identify between right and wrong, they go on what they see and that is where many people also take advantage of them, like the child abuse that happens. It is only because of their innocence that people dare to do wrong things with them. Hence it is very important for parents to make them understand from a very early age of what is right and what is not. While it is important to make them understand at the same time it is also important to keep that innocence going on in them. It is sad to see that the harsh conditions of life takes this away from them sometimes at a very early age.


They are carefree- Children have a very carefree attitude, they do not keep thinking about future and get worried like how we elders do. I think this is one of the best quality of children. They very well know to live in the now moment, they do not care of what tomorrow will bring in, and it is a lesson that we elders have to learn from them. To allow them to be carefree it is the parents responsibility to provide them a protective environment and that parents should not start putting the life burden on them. There are many parents who are very over ambitious and they starts setting these expectations with their children from a very young age, which I believe is criminal.

They are the biggest manipulators - Oh my god, how they do this is marvelous, they always get their way out with their tricks. Crying is their best tool and they can get anything that they want by use this weapon. I call it the most dangerous weapon...hahaha...because no one can control it. This was my weakest area when my Son was small. He would cry and I could never handle that and give into the demands and the worst was that if he would cry, I would also start crying...hehehe. All my sisters would make fun of me on this, but that's how I was. On one of my travels I remember a small child had some demand and his parents did not budge into it, so he started crying loud and banging his head on the ground and doing all the possible drama, but the parents were stern and they did not give into his demand. I was thinking if I would had been in their place, I would have given up in a couple of minutes only. As a parent it is important to be stern at times and deal with these little monsters.

They are joyful -Whatever happens they are always in a joyful state. All they want to do is play and enjoy their time. Having them around adds up so much spark to life. Their chatter, giggles, laughter, all of it is full of life


They Teach elders valuable lessons - I wonder sometimes, why do we lose all of this as we grow up, the societal conditioning is so strong that it takes over the true nature that we are meant to be in. Our Children teach us some real valuable lessons of life. They forgive and forget so fast, they do not hold grudges. On one moment they fight and the other moment you see them playing with the same child. The Let GO philosophy that we struggle as elders is so easy for them. It is important for parents also to observe them and learn from them without any ego.

Childhood is a one time journey of life and it should be enjoyed in a manner that the nature has defined it. As parents it is a responsibility that a child enjoys childhood as it is meant to be and not the way that is fills up their own ambitions. Every child is different, hence it is wrong to compare the shortcomings of your child with others. Some learn fast, some slow, some have very different paths. A parent may be a Doctor that does not mean the child also has to be, the expectation is but that is wrong. Let them choose their own path and be happy in their life by doing what they like. Parents should understand that children also need their space and privacy and we need to honor that and respect that.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸

"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"

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I agree.These five points give me an insight into my own life ,how i transitioned from childhood to adulthood with almost all these experiences.

parental love, mentoring, guiding in children's activities, they will grow to be the pride of parents.@nainaztengra


True, as our children grow up we feel proud of them

Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love.

Completely agree with you.As a parent i enjoying this amazing bonding with my daughter.

Take care.


I can feel that love and compassion in you for your child. Much Love 💖

The best part was "The let go" philosophy of kids when it comes to kids they let go something easily however we as an adult don't think of letting go.
I firmly believe letting go is the best way to move ahead..Thank your for sharing ☺️


We have all been kids and had this quality, I wonder where and how it gets lost as we grow up :-(

@nainaztengra absolutely right madam you said right all about childrens when we were childs we didn't care of own self but when we make parents we care too much of our childrens


That's the circle of Life :-)

Childhood is that stage of life which we can enjoy the part of life,most fun and memorable time in anyone's life...
The manner and style in which the parents bonds with the child are often based on the parents own childhood..
Mam, it was really good when ur son is start to crying ..u also start .
Thanku for sharing ur post ..


True, this is very important, the upbringing that parents do for their children to a great extent reflects their own childhood

great post and very informative. I'm not a parent but I feel very responsible for my sister. I learned some things about early childhood attachments from Bowlby's attachment theory which says the experiences children have during childhood have an influence on their later life. basically, the things depend upon the attachment styles which the child has with their parents. i felt I've the avoidant attachment and I felt very bad about that.


Sometimes life circumstances make us rough or there are times when just the age makes us behave irrational, but the bonding is always there, when the test of life will be there it will be proved

Parenting lays the foundation of the child, lucky are those whose parents know how to grow a child into a responsible, successful and happy person.
Thanks, Keep posting


Sometimes the parents circumstances are also not very good that leads them into giving bitter childhood to their children. I have gone through it, at that time I did not understand but now at this age I can empathize with them.


Sometimes the parents circumstances are also not very good that leads them into giving bitter childhood to their children.

That case is bad luck for the children

Nice to hear you have come out of that stage.

Raising kids is the most great experience in the world. Every patents want the feel the moment. And mother is the first teacher for any kids. And hate off to the mother in this world. They are the real multitasking live example. They managed everything beautifully. I have seen a mother sacrifice a lot for their children. Off course normally kids are very naughty and they vex a lot to their parents. Parents should give good care and give some space.


Those are some beautiful thoughts. Nature has made the Mother in that manner, just like her, loving and nurturing.

You think big I appreciate that

Preety Amazing thing,Child-parent bondage:) Sometimes Child - is like cat on wall we should gaide them.
Thanks for sharing 🤠 such a wonderful contented blog to both ," The child & The parent" what to do,what not to do.w/ steemit world.
Pls keep sharing your blog w/ steemit world & be happy and healthy


Yes it is a hand in hand responsibility. Thank you @layersinn for your thoughts.

@nainaztengra Parents should always pay attention to the activities of their children
Like parents should know their children what they will need in childhood ,
Little kids are really so cute .


Parents have a very big responsibility to nurture their children in the right manner.


@nainaztengra Yes mam , you are absolutely right

Crying is their best tool and they can get anything that they want by use this weapon. I call it the most dangerous weapon...hahaha...because no one can control it.

First of all this is very true. I felt you truly enjoy the nature of kids. Your post is a proof of your keen eyes & a philosopher personality.


Thank you @krishna001, I do not know about philosopher personality but yes being a parent the journey has been close to my heart :-)

Amazing and an eye-opener post. @nainaztengra

Nice dairy