The diary game | better life with steem | Dairy game on sep /05/ 2021. It's a hot day.


Hello steemians i hope you all are well and safe. Now this time we all hav to stay alert from dengue and keep your house clean In my district many children have died by this fever. So stay safe at your home.

Now come on about my today

Today i woke up early at 3:45 because my dog was barking because of being freshed after all that i again slept and got up 6:30 but i couldn't sleep properly, i freshed my self, brushed my teeth washed the face. Later i took breakfast and drunk milk. After that i sit with my village peoples and talked with them.

After some time i went market because i had to purchase some stuff from there.


After that i purchased paties for my family. And we all took.

For sometime i saw the match but i stopped watch after being out of virat kohli.

In evening i took tea with toast after i went to farm where i saw paddy fields and went egg corner and took a plate of eggs and i also for denver.

After all that i took dinner while watching match

Gud night steemians

Welcome to my steemit diary

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Being a dog owner is not easy.
Thanks for sharing your day. Keep posting.


@ashubaba01 thankyou we face problem some days later all thing be normal

Now this time we all hav to stay alert from dengue

@rajatsinghh, seriously the situation is not at all good in terms of health, we must cautious about our health. Keep sharing your diary with us.

It is a piece of bad news that many children dies because of dengue, hope you are all safe #affable


@jyoti-thelight yes it's a bad news


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Thank you.


@sapwood i had images but due to data finish of data images couldn't load and thankyou @sapwood

You had a pretty busy day...Keep posting !