The diary game | better life with steem | Dairy game with @steemit on 12th august 2021.


Hello steemians today i woke up at 7:30 in the morning i went outside of my house. It was a sunny day after i freshed myself, brushed my teeth and washed my face later i started workout and drunk milk, ate fried grams. Later sprayed terminate spray ony house doors and took bath of puppy after i also bathed after i took lunch at 11 o'clock after lunch i went outside of my house and listened in my village a old people has expired so i went his house there was 7,8 peoples of village later relatives of them had come started. At 6 o'clock his funeral ended at this time i realized this it's painfull to loose someone with whom you spent to much time and you have memory of him. I took bath after came from there. Later i sit sometime with peoples of my village after i went on my feild with my puppy.
Today i saved a baby bird he came outside from his nest so i kept him inside his nest


When someone expired that day we don't make vegetable this is the rituals of my side. So today i ate dinner with salate, curd and pieces of boiled potato.
After lunch i gave food to my puppy and walked with him in my street.
Now this time i am drinking milk with sugar.
As like my day has ended nothing too much thing happened with me today that's all about my day.

   **Welcome to my @steemit dairy**

Good night steemians

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It's nice to hear from you that you have puppy w/ us I hope you participated your friend genarel

Keep updated your diary

Rajatsinghh #affable

realized this it's painfull to loose someone with

This is the biggest truth of life, one day everyone has to go. Be happy as long as you are together.
#affable #india


Ofcourse we all know that @thakur9520

Hi Rajat,

I see you are writing diary regularly, that’s great.

Would it be possible for you to add image caption and paragraphs break after few lines so that your post will look more aligned and readable?

You can also go thru below post to learn basic formatting and markdown skills for writing better posts.


@neerajkr03 thankyou ahead i will try to reform in my post

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