The diary game | better life with steem | It is my 11th enrty with steemit on 3rd july 2021. It was a frustrated day.


Hello steemians i hope you will like my today dairy. Today i woke up at 7 o'clock. I freshed myself and brushed my teeth and washed the face. It rained for a while. Today i took weekly off of workout But i drunk milk. After that i went out from my house and talked with my village peoples. This is a view of where all people of village sit and met to each others.

Where i am sit there a neem tree 200 years old (approx). That is too much big i think you will not be seen like that.

After that i took bath in my farm And see the paddy fields
Later i came home and took lunch and i spelt. In evening my grandmother said to me they have some pain in chest and i went to medical store in path a small girl had been came infront of my bike and bike slipped i got injured on my knee.

Later I went on medical store and bought pain pills and betadeen for my injury.
In evening i went to play cricket but bad day for me even in cricket unfortunately i lost five matches in a row today was not my day that's why i was too much frustrated from me I gave my best in every match 100percent effort from my side even then we can't win today i have too much tired i will try my better tomorrow after came from there i washed my face and legs and took dinner after some time. After dinner i walked in my street and talked with my neighbours.


Welcome to my @steemit dairy

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The place where fellow villagers sit and discuss alot of matters raising from local to international issues is a place that is very close to heart .

Ride carefull. Hope your injuries are good now .
Keep posting
#affable #india


@aasifwami thankyou brother