Better life // The diary game // 06-feb-2022 // Sunday // diary post by @sansujmd

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Hey good evening to all of you and happy weekened to all of you, i am Sanskar yadav from kolkata and here once again to represent my day in front of all of you, i am hoping you all are good and i am also good. Stay home, keep yourself safe and always keep smiling.


Today i woke up in the morning something about at 5 am and after some time i went to freshened up and after that i washed my face and sat down to meditate and after ended up my meditation hour i brushed my teeth and after that i drank 1 glass of lukewarm water.
And after some time i took my black grams with some gur and then i left for my club.

After reaching there i put my shoes on and warmed up my body and after that i throws 100 balls with my left hand just for making my left hand more powerful and after some time our coaches came and we made a team and was ready to play a match.
We have lost the toss today, so we started our inning with fielding and we did some mistakes during our bowling and they gave us a good target to chase down.

I started the inning and played some good shots and we were in a good situation at a moment but after i got out our all wickets fell down one after one, so we lost the match once again.

After wickets

Team scorecard

During 1st inning

We lost the match and then i changed and left to my home and after reaching to my home and today i did not took a bath because i was very late, so i just washed my face and have had my lunch, after taking my lunch i took my mobile and checked pending messages and after some time i started writting my todays diary.

So that is it from my side for today, hope you enjoyed my match day, see you again with my new diary till then take care, bye bye.

And thank you very much each and everyone for your love and support, keep visiting to my post and keep your support.

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Thank you

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