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On behalf of the Best of India(BOI) community, I @sapwood, a MOD of the BOI community herewith submit the application for the "Communities of the Month Support Program- November'2021".


Before going into the various details of the BOI community, we would like to acquaint you with the Unique users of BOI and the activities(nos of Posts), and the recent endorsement of #club5050

Unique Users in Oct'2021 and the nos of publications



We have a total of 129 unique authors in BOI(from 1st Oct to 25th Oct 2021) and a total of 878 posts have been published by these authors so far.

  • The average per-day count is 35 posts(approx).
  • The average per-user post count is 7 posts/user(approx)

Club5050 and Club100

Since Sept 2021, we have already introduced a policy for the Newcomers that "to receive Booming support and BOI support they need to power up all the SBD and delegate it to BOI."

For more details, please visit this POST

For all other users(who have already achieved 1000 SP), we advocate for 50% of the SBD to be powered up on a regular basis as and when the payout matures.

BOI endorses the underlying concept of #club5050.

New Voting mechanism with #club5050
  • Up to a max of 50% upvote from Steemcurator07
  • Higher chances of selection for Booming votes
  • Up to a max of 80% upvote from Best of India Account

For more details, please visit this POST


(1) Best of India Community (BOI)

(1.1) What is the purpose of your community?

The purpose of BOI is to make it a self-reliant community in the long run where the community members through the proof-of-dedication move up the ladder and help each other. Proof-of-dedication can be anything related to adding value to the community.

It's a general niche, so all types of content are being catered to, we are focused more on quality blogging, keeping the basic structure intact, and creating that much-needed social intersection that not just happens by blogging but also by value engagement to foster a sense of community.

(1.2) Is it unique?

Yes, it is.

  • Because we are a community where we are focused both on the process and the outcome. Social intersection, Quality blogging, Engagement, etc-- are key to building a better social platform.

  • Because we are a community that always looks for a scalable solution, and deploy resources to build those things, which is useful for the entire Steem community. In fact, two of our MODs earn their ranks as MOD by developing scalable tools.

  • Because no single person owns this community. Anyone can become MOD (with proof-of-dedication, by adding value to the community), conforming to the principle of decentralization.

  • Because we take constructive criticism as a guiding path, accordingly make necessary course corrections.

(1.3) Are there any other communities covering the same subject or area as yours?

I think NO. We(BOI) guide the Newcomers and steer them to a smooth start in Steem Blockchain. We have a setup in place where anyone from India joining Steemit(through the Newcomers community program) is greeted and introduced with BOI vision. So basically Newcomers after their induction join us. Most importantly BOI is a learning ground for naive users, Newcomers.

(1.4) Why should people join your community?

  • Because we have created the best avenue for Newcomers to learn the basic structure of blogging, with continuous follow-up, mentoring, etc.

  • Because we organize initiatives, contests, etc from time to time and create opportunities for the users to earn more.

  • "What comes from people must go back to them"-- We distribute 100% curation reward to our delegators.


(2) Community Team

(2.1) Who are the Admins and Moderators of your community?

Admin- @rishabh99946

MODs- @neerajkr03 @sapwood @starlord28

@bestofindia is the Community Curator Account.

@neerajkr03 & @starlord28 both are techies and developers, so their role is quite specified in the Community. We believe that coding is a cognitively challenging task, hence needs sustained attention, therefore they do a lot in the backend.

@rishabh99946 is taking care of the Newcomers(from India) joining Newcomer Community Program and introducing them to BOI vision, and steering them to a smooth start, organizing the weekly contests, etc.

@sapwood is responsible for Planning, Accounting, Engagement stats, Curating with Steemcurator07 account, distributing Delegator's rewards, publishing Community update from time to time, organizing the monthly contest, etc.

By and large, all four (Admin & MODs) engage with the users in the Community and keep following up with the users to ensure that the guidelines and the basic structure of the posts are being maintained and followed.

(2.2) What countries are they from and what languages do they cover?

All of them are from India.

@rishabh99946-- Uttar Pradesh(Northen India)
@neerajkr03-- Uttar Pradesh(Northen India)
@sapwood-- Madhya Pradesh(Central India)
@starlord28-- Karnataka(Southern India)

In INDIA, both English & Hindi are the official languages, so all the MODs are familiar with both of them. But we do recognize the linguistic diversity within India, so we do not restrict anyone publishing content in any language they are familiar with. However, we request them to make sure that the language is translatable using Google Translate or DeepL.

(2.3) Are the team members paid or rewarded in any way from the community funds for their work in running the community?

They are not separately rewarded with liquid funds, but yes, they are being given one full vote from Community Curator Account(@bestofindia) every day and on a weekly basis one full upvote from the Steemcurator07 account.

(2.4) If you only have one Admin what would happen to your community if you left or lost your keys?

Although we have only one Admin, all the MODs share the private keys of the Community Account. So there is no single point of failure.


(3) Community Curation Account

(3.1) What is your Community Curation Account?

@bestofindia is the community curation account.

(3.2) How much Steem Power does it have - both of its own and delegated to it?

As of 25th Oct'2021--

Own SP-- 7231 SP (6192 SP in Sep)

Delegated in-- 89666 SP (79817 SP in Sep)

Effective SP- 96897 SP (86009 SP in Sep)

screenshot (2).png

(3.3) What are your plans for growing the SP of the account?

We are paying 100% delegator rewards. We have adopted this structure to attract more nos of delegators. Since 1st Aug'2021, the MODs are contributing 10% of their Author reward. A few users of BOI are also voluntarily contributing 10% of their Author Rewards to BOI to support the BOI economy.

For the delegator reward we do not power down, rather we chose to publish as many posts as possible to generate Author Reward and the author rewards help us to accommodate the Delegator Reward each month without having to power down the Community Curator Account(@bestofindia). Doing so is helping BOI to add around 900-1000 SP each month.

Further, at the moment the social users in our community are the only investors, and more or less their SP is earned through PoB.

For long-term sustainability, we seek to create an avenue for External investment opportunities for the investors primarily on the premise of investment. That will also add fundamental value to STEEM price dynamics.

That said, the immediate priority for us is to help users to reach dolphin status, and to encourage them to stay powered up and remain delegated to BOI in the long run. More dolphins mean more will be the effective SP of the BOI community.

(3.4) Are all the post rewards powered up, or are they used for paying delegators or members of the community team?
No. Because for contests and delegator rewards we have to have the liquid rewards at the end of the month. Any surplus amount is kept in the Saving account.

(3.5) Who has access to voting with the account?

Admin & all the MODs have voting access.

(3.6) What is the current Voting CSI score for the account (from


As evident from the screenshots, our 7 Days voting CSI stands at 12.3, which is indeed a very healthy figure, shows a diverse voting pattern catering to more nos of unique users.

Please do note that we do not self-upvote, as that is considered bad social behavior.

That said, we would also like to highlight that:-

  • We do vote delegators from time to time.
  • We do vote outside the community as well to encourage quality content(as that helps strengthen PoB)
  • We have also made a special arrangement in BOI where the member of other communities(from India) can delegate to BOI and we can extend BOI vote to them without having to abandon the community. So it is basically a docking arrangement to leverage the convergent linear reward(consolidating the SP at one place).(e.g. The members including the admin of the Steemingindia community have delegated to BOI recently and we are voting them(in the Steemingindia community) on a daily basis with the BOI account).

But primarily our loyalty is with the content(within & outside BOI), does not matter who the author is. Through quality content, we socially intersect with an author.

(3.7) On average what proportion of the posts each week receive a vote from the community account?

On a weekly basis, more than 290 posts are being published in the BOI community. We are trying to cover as much as we can with the available resources, at present 60%-80% of them are being curated with the @bestofindia account.


(4) Plagiarism & Abuse

(4.1) What measures do you take to check for plagiarism and other forms of abuse (content farming, duplicate accounts, fake accounts)?

We have fought a long and tough battle(precisely a good fight) to deal with the insidious acts of spam/plagiarism and abuse of the reward pool.

We diligently check the Achievement Task-1 of a new user joining Steemit(from India) and BOI. There have been numerous cases of multiple/fake accounts, plagiarism, and abuse of reward pool in the recent past.

But we have been vigilant and working in close coordination with endingplagiarism to ward off any such attempt.

We further believe that geographic decentralization is needed because plagiarism could be contagious. If there are a group of people who somehow manage to leech the reward pool, then the honest user in that group also tends to cheat(even though the honest user has a good record in the past).

(4.2) Do you have designated people in your team for plagiarism checking?

Yes. We do maintain a curated directory of all the social activities including spam/plagiarism cases. From time to time we also publish the list of Repeat Offenders.

At the moment, the code of social conduct enforces the following criteria in BOI--

  • First case of Plagiarism-- Suspension for 15 days
  • Second case of Plagiarism-- Muted forever
  • Multiple Accounts/Fake Accounts-- Muted forever

(4.3) Do you ensure all photos used in your community are copyright-free?

Yes. We are in continuous follow-up with all the users to follow/maintain the basic structure of a post and that also includes citing the source(in case it is not the original image) and also encouraging them to use copyright-free images.

Basic Structure--

  • Proper formatting
  • Captioning the image
  • Use of copyright-free images
  • Cite the source if it is not original photography/content
  • Specifying location(if any)
  • Proper alignment of the screenshots
  • Consistent styling techniques
  • Emphasizing text (wherever needed)


(5) Engagement & Commenting

Engagement is the soul of BOI.

(5.1) Does the community team check and comment on every post in the community?

We do check on a day-to-day basis and also follow up with the authors if the shortcoming of a post outweighs the quality. But on Monday and Tuesday, we thoroughly check it and cover all the users when we curate with the Steemcurator07 account. In fact, we used to reward more whose nos of comment in that particular week is more.

We maintain the Engagement statistics on a weekly basis too.

We agree we need a better setup and we are keen to expand our team with a second layer setup in which two curators will be recruited who will enforce all the guidelines and rules in a timely manner.

(5.2) If not, approximately what proportion of posts are commented on?

On average 10 to 12 posts are commented on.


(6) Plans & Updates

(6.1) How often do you post plans and updates for the community?

We generally update the community's progress on a monthly basis about the overall progress. But we do update the community on a weekly basis on the nos of active users & Engagement statistics, Booming Roster, Weekly contests, etc.

(6.2) Do you post these through the community account?

Yes, all the announcements and updates are always posted through the Best of India(@bestofindia) community curator account.

(6.3) Do you have a roadmap or long-term plan for the community?

Yes, we do have a roadmap. We take this opportunity to brief you on the long-term plan of BOI.


  • We organize at least one weekly contest and one monthly contest w.e.f. 1st Aug 2021.
  • There will be a second layer setup(1 Promoter+1 Curator) along with MODs who will work in tandem to ensure engagement and activities in BOI at any given time. We have already recruited one Promoter and soft launched Project-100, where at least 100 users will be recruited who will be a part of #club100 and will be encouraged to power up all their rewards with a long-term objective.
  • All the MODs set 10% benefactor reward for BOI w.e.f. 1st Aug 2021.
  • The immediate target is to achieve 0.1 Million SP(we have already reached 96k SP), but the long-term goal(perhaps 2022) is 1 Million SP. (SP to be read as Effective SP). We are keenly following up with the investors to bring fresh investments. It's just a matter of time.
  • We will open up a separate marketing channel for both Quality Bloggers and Investors. We have already outlined a roadmap on the recruitment drive.

Curation & Enforcement of the Rules/Guidelines

We maintain one more sheet which features the possible areas of improvement.

Here is a sample.

S NoUserAreas of ImprovementGeneral Feedback
1thakur9520Detailing of the subjectNeeds to pay a bit more attention to his posts. The diary game gives authors the freedom to express themselves and in turn meet like-minded people. By not providing details, this user is missing out on a lot of amazing engagement
2roopk97Proof-readingThis user makes use of markdown well. Adding more details to everyday posts and also doing another round of proofreading along with the use of Grammarly, the quality of posts can be improved. The user's engagement stat is amazing though.
3layersinnProper FormattingOne of the most active users with regular engagement. While his posts do have something new every day, it needs the right formatting to make it more readable. By formating his posts, he would surely attract more readers.

On a weekly basis, we update it, follow up with the users to make necessary improvements, and accordingly reward the users.

Further, when we curate a user, we drop valuable suggestions/feedback/remarks to each of the posts(whether it is curating with BOI account, or Booming Account, or Steemcurator07 account).

Here is a sample.

You have been upvoted by @sapwood, a MOD of the BOI community. We are curating original content that is being produced in the Best of India Community.

Engagement is essential to foster a sense of community. Therefore we would request our members to visit each other's posts in Best of India and make insightful comments.

Pay attention to the Remarks/Feedback(Basic Structure), we have also provided the resource which will help you to make it better and/or fix the issue(if any).

Basic StructureYes/NoUseful Resources
Captioning imageYes
Copyright-free images, citing the source wherever neededYes
Specifying Location using What3words(if any)Yes
Proper Markdown/StylingNoLink
Free of Spam/Plagiarism/Fake AccountYes
Any other Remarks

Thank you.

If all the columns are showing YES, that means the user has kept the basic structure intact, if not, then it is the responsibility of the MOD/Curator to provide the links of the resources so that the user can learn it. If the resource is not available the curator will immediately intimate the same to the MOD and the resource material will be published on a priority basis.

Further, the Curator will follow up with the users to make necessary improvements in the next blog.

And this is applicable to all the posts that are being published in the BOI community.

With this approach, it would truly feel like learning and developing the skills of a professional blogger, the overall average quality will greatly improve which will further strengthen PoB and will be rewarding for all.


(7) Promotion

(7.1) How do you promote your community?

We are doing this off-chain/off-line as well as through Twitter promotion. as we said earlier we have already hired one user for the promotional activities and recruitment drive.

(7.2) Do you promote your community outside of Steem?

Yes, we do. We do engage with users in other mainstream social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc, promoting Steem. But crypto is not as straightforward as the legacy centralized system. So it generally takes a lot of time to persuade them.

(7.3) Do you have a Promotion or Marketing Plan for your Community?

Yes, we do have a plan. In fact, we are already in touch with the moderate level Youtubers, who are struggling to get that recognition and reward from Youtube(despite producing useful content). A few of them might join us soon.

Further, we are in touch with a few coaching institutes to conduct interactive sessions and Q&A activities on a weekly basis. We will host them and all the participants will receive rewards from BOI. That way the students will also get exposure to the Steem ecosystem.

Steemit has made many students self-sufficient, particularly in the last year. We can ensure significant traction if this materializes. Not to mention, many students have developed better writing skills, professional authorship qualities, etc which will also help them in their mainstream career.


(8) Anything Else

(8.1) Please include any other information you would like us to know about your community, and why your community should be selected for extra support?

We are a pan INDIA community catering the active users from India. The MODs of the BOI community have developed useful scalable tools for the entire Steem community(not just for BOI), #SUT, #TAGSEARCHER, #SCRIBE, #SIR #AFFABLE, #AVERAGEDELEGATION, #COMMUNITY STAT, etc. We are developing a few more(already in progress).

In terms of quality, we have never degraded it. We have always believed in organized writing, we have also been mentoring users how to produce quality content, how to keep the basic structure of a post intact. We have produced a number of tutorials on the same.

We have also made an arrangement of docking facility, where the users/members of other communities can delegate their SP (more than 90% SP) to BOI, and in return, BOI will extend support(upvotes) to those users, and the users do not need to abandon their community. The idea is to leverage on Convergent Linear Reward.

That said, BOI is not without shortcomings. We are one of the most organized communities in the backend, but in the frontend, there are a lot of things that need to be put in order, to make it even more organized; being the MOD of the BOI community I take that responsibility. We have already implemented a few things in the month of Oct'2021.

(8.2) Any other special features your community has?

Yes, we are unparallel in identifying the right social vehicle for Steem Platform. When we say the right social vehicle, then it does mean that social activities always remain unabated by the price dynamics of STEEM.

We have very often observed that with the rise of STEEM price we witness an influx of Newcomers for obvious reasons. But the euphoria dies out during adverse market conditions or bear cycles. So the real asset for Steem Blockchain is the one who believes in consistency, blogging is a passion for him/her. Those who believe in the idea of delayed gratification. We use tangible data to figure out such users.

(8.3) Do you encourage only #steemexclusive posts in your community?

Yes, we are very particular about #steemexclusive content. The curated directory, trending page of Steem becomes the tangible intellectual asset if #steemexclusive content is being produced. It also adds fundamental value to STEEM.

Producing #steemexclusive content could be laborious, time-consuming but it always creates a sense of brand(Steem).

We encourage our users to produce unique content in Steem Blockchain, in particular, #steemexclusive content.

Thank you.



Cc:- @neerajkr03 @rishabh99946 @starlord28


Unless otherwise stated, all the images, infographics, charts, tables, etc(if any) are my original works.

Benefactor Reward-- 10% to @bestofindia


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Community 50:50 tool coming out earlier than I had initially promised you. Might have the BETA up in a couple of days!! ;)


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Greetings @sapwood,

Club 5050 is definitely going to be perfect initiative for our community.
I have a question regarding Discord, Do our community have any official discord channel. just curious : )

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Can users who're not Indians post in this community?

Yes, they can.

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Gonna support #club5050 this will save the steemit community.

This is the first time I have seen such a detailed post and I am happy I read it all. I have recently started to post steem exclusive posts. I am happy to see my name on the list of publications.

I am also trying to follow all the rules and hope to get some support. I will be delegating 90% of my SP in a few days.

You guys are doing a really good time and I wish you all the best.

Thank you @sapwood you have comprehensively compiled various auspects of this beautiful #boi community.

I am sorry for reaching out to you here because it is totally unrelated to what you posted but I have to make my grievances known to you based on the lazy attitude I feel prof @kuoba or whatever he is called, displayed.

My last post on Cryptoacademy assignment, I stated the references right at the end of my post only for him to state the same references for me. Does that mean he didn't even read my post and he only ran plagiarism check without even checking that I had already sourced it? You can check also, I didn't even edit my post so he can't say I added it afterwards. This is purely incompetence on the part of someone held in such a position as "Prof".

Here is the link to the post:

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